March 26, 2005

I was actually up and moving first thing this morning, well 8:30 – but that is pretty amazing for me. I had a little bit of a headache from the game last night. I seem to get one almost every week. I am not sure if it is from my eyes staring at the screen all of that time or if it is from the junkfood or if it is just caused by straining so hard for so long trying to win.

I came down and worked in the office for a while this morning. Min got up a little bit after 9:00. Jeremy was still here from last night until Sara came and picked him up around 11:00 which is when she gets out of bowling here in Geneseo.

After Jeremy left, we got ready to go and headed up to the city to meet Josh and JoAnne and Phil and Kate at the IHOP in Henrietta. We had a good time at lunch – and our waiter was hilarious. He was new but deinitely shouldn’t have been working at an IHOP. There are much better restaurants around that he should have been able to get some work at.

Kate took off after lunch to get things ready for their Easter dinner and the rest of us went to Marketplace Mall to deal with the clothes for the upcoming wedding. We ended up just going to Tuxedo Junction and getting everything taken care of in no time. That was really easy. We ordered the tuxes and did our fittings and everything. Only Montana Bob has yet to be fitted. I supposed we should be calling him Binghamton Bob or Southern Tier Bob but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it. JoAnne and Min did some looking for accessories and a dress for Min but didn’t find anything. We tried to find shirts for the guys but had no luck doing that either. We are going to have to find shirts online so that we can all get the same thing. I did pick up a new pair of Dockers while were there. The teflon coated stain resistant ones so that I can be cool like Zach. Phil had to take off at this point to get to Easter dinner so we saw him on his way and the rest of us did a little bit more shopping before heading over to Friendly’s for some ice cream. We were all really in an ice cream kind of mood so it really worked out well. It really hit the spot.

I had to look for a book at Borders and no one was going to object to going there so the four of us ran over to Borders and shopped for a little while. I needed a book on Windows scripting and luckily I was able to find just what I was looking for. Josh and Jo had to get moving, though, so we parted company there and Min and I headed on back down to Geneseo.

Min and I wanted to relax so we watched a couple of movies this evening. Saturday seems to be the only really good night for relaxing at all. We started off with the German classic Anatomie starring Franka Potente. It started off pretty gruesome but wasn’t too bad, overall. We thought that it was entertaining and somewhat intelligent. Not really my type of movie but better than most. You can still find copies of it in the Walmart five dollar bargain bins so keep an eye out for it. It is a pretty good value. There is a sequal but I have never seen it available here in the states. The sequal was made in 2003. The guy who plays the antagonist in Anatomie, Benno Furmann, starred opposite Franka in her popular romantic film The Princess and the Warrior, also made in Germany. Another one of the actors was Sebastian Blomberg who also starred in the film What To Do In Case of Fire that we had watched earlier in the week. He did the movies about one year apart.

We decided to keep with the foreign film theme and followed up with Merci pour le Chocolat which is sort of a suspense slash drama sort of thing. Very hard to put your finger on. It is really out there. Even after watching it we had a hard time knowing where the film had been trying to go. It didn’t do a good job of connecting you to the people in the film. You couldn’t really identify with any of them – which, as all of my SGL readers know, is a major downpoint to me for any movie. The movie was in French which really confused Min because she thought that the movie was set in France but it didn’t really make a lot of sense to be in France. The film was actually a Swiss film shot in western Switzerland. Min wasn’t aware that French was one of the official languages of Switzerland. The film quality was really low: making it look like something out of the early eighties. But it is a recent film. The scenery was gorgeous which really made us wish that they had filmed it in higher quality.

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