March 30, 2005

Well, I didn’t really get to sleep until 11:00 like I had wanted to. I actually only slept until 9:30. And I missed two calls during that time. Slept right through them. Never knew that the phone was ringing at all. That is pretty unusual for me. I woke up momentarily when Min got home, just enough to know that she was there and that she was going to bed. But that was it.

I got up at 9:30 and got Jeremy moving so that he could make it to his doctor’s appointment. Luckily that is right here in Geneseo so he actually got to sleep in extra, not less. Then I took out the trash (yup, that’t two weeks in a row now.) Talked to Don next door for a little bit and got ready to face the day. I decided to kill my little free time this morning taking another Brainbench exam. Once I get into the groove, I like to keep up the pressure. I took the Java 2 Non-GUI exam and passed with the same score that I got on the Java 2 exam. I guess it shows consistency, doesn’t it. That is actually a really good sign. So that is three Java certs now in two days. One would think I was a developer.

At noon I had to head over to the Omega Grill to meet with someone from an online yellow page service about placing a listing. Of course, they didn’t bother to show up. Which made me happy because I think that the whole thing was a waste of time. But it is annoying to have to get dressed up, head over to the grill and sit there for half an hour reading a book all alone during a busy lunch time and not have the guy bother to show up. I am glad that I didn’t have to turn him down and can now just say that we don’t want to do business with them because they were wasting out time – but still.

I got back home and decided that it was so absolutely awesome outside that I opened the screen door onto the porch to get some fresh air into the house. We haven’t had fresh air in way too long. According to, it is fifty six degrees right now. Sweet. I really feel like the snow is over. Now if we can just hold summer off we will be all set.

Here is a great story: High school students beat MIT Engineering students in a robotics competition. Sweet. Most of you know that I have never been a fan of MIT.

Another note: PearPC is sueing Maui X, “makers” of the CherryOS product. I had said some months ago that CherryOS seemed to simply be stolen code from PearPC. Well, apparently the PearPC team feels pretty confident that this is truly the case and are beginning litigations against Maui X. Maui X is refusing to comment which is a pretty serious indicator that they know what they have done and don’t want to get in any deeper than they are. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that their VX30 software is also a repackaging of someone else’s product and acting like it is something that they made themselves. Time will tell, I guess.

Min woke up around 1:00 and decided to get out of bed because she had a lot of knitting to do. I am not sure what the sudden urgency is but she is working on a sweater that she started in 2002. She made me lunch and then I headed back on down to the office to get back to work.

After lunch I took an old exam refresh from Brainbench, the Networking Concepts exam. I scored a 4.31 making Masters and hitting the 99th percentile. I managed to tie for 38th in the world on the big rankings. I should probably retake the test to move up a notch or two but I don’t know if it is worth it or not. For some reason, though, I got shafted and I don’t appear on the rankings list even though my score is high enough to be on. That isn’t very nice. I kept pressing on and took the Internet Security assessment. I managed to move my old 2002 BCP up to a Master BCP this time with a 4.12. But that one isn’t a world ranking. Oh well. We can’t win them all.

Jeremy tried to sign up for his A+ to be taken tomorrow but it takes up to a whole business day before you can sign into the testing system so he is now waiting until he gets his username and password to be able to use the system.

I decided that it was a testing day and went ahead and took the XML exam. I thought that I was going to fail misserably. But instead I actually got a halfway decent 3.46 which I am very happy with. Good enough for me. No complaints here. So, once again, I forged ahead. This time going after the EJB 2.0 certification. This one I was really not ready for. But, I pulled a 3.0 out of my butt. I can’t believe it. I felt like I was really doing poorly. Boy do I feel better now. I am so glad that I won’t have to take that test again for three years.

Enough testing for a while. Min made popcorn fish again for dinner. That is one of my new favorite foods. They are SO good.

After dinner I really didn’t have time to do anything but get ready to head out to Pittsford. I am doing the Wegmans overnight again. Ugh. Once again on half of a normal night’s sleep because everyone needed me too early in the day. Oh well. At least I will really appreciate getting to come home in the morning.

Jeremy wasn’t able to get his test scheduled for tomorrow but was able to squeeze it in on Friday, first thing in the morning down in Canadaigua at FLCC. So I am taking him down there at 8:30am. That is when we have to be there. But it is a busy day and I can’t really do it later. Tomorrow I am planning on a mid-afternoon meeting in the city. So the rest of my week is pretty booked. For all of you that want to call my house in the morning, remember that I am going to bed around the time that all of you are getting up and I am not very likely to appreciate the phone ringing if it isn’t an emergency.

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