March 31, 2005

Its the last day of March. Time does fly. Today is my short day. I got in from working the overnight around 5:00 but I had some work that needed to be done so I had to go down to the office and work for about an hour. I was awfully tired and I really don’t remember that at all. I got to bed around 6:00. Min had gone to bed around 4:00.

I pulled myself out of bed around 11:00. About a half of a night’s sleep. Not too bad. Could be a lot worse. I didn’t feel too tired when I woke up.

Work went well last night. It was the big, high profile Pittford store so that was a little more stressful than most of them will be. But last night was also my last night not on my own. Next week I am in Perinton all by myself. Although there is an issue with working next week as I have not officially been hired yet to do the work so that is a problem. There are only three business days left, at this point, and I have not been hired to do the work. So we will see how this saga unfolds. It was my understanding that the project was done and I wasn’t going to be doing it anymore. But apparently there is a lot of confusion and miscommunications going on.

I kept working on my BrainBench assessments this afternoon. I tied for fourth in the world on the Information Technology Terminology test which is a weird exam and really only exists to be a piece of larger certifications. I also took the Network Technical Support exam and tied for third in the world. In both bases, I skimmed over the next highest person by one fifth of one percent. Both tests were refreshes so I last took them just over three years ago.

I also managed to squeeze in the Programming Concepts exam and did okay. I need that test en route to my larger Java programmer cert.

Jeremy came over this evening to work on getting ready for his A+ exam tomorrow. We are going first thing in the morning so we thought that it would be helpful if he was here already since that would save me forty minutes of driving in the morning and him almost twenty. We picked him up around 7:00 and swung my McDonald’s to get some dinner. We eat there so much that they know that I like two fish fillets, shredded lettuce, no salt on my fries and that I want chipotle bbq sauce for dipping. How is that for being a townie?

Jeremy and I did some Brainbench work this evening and he studied for his exam. It will be early in the morning so he will have no time to study then.

I took enough tests to pull of the big Brainbench Certified Java Programmer job role cert that I have been shooting for. That is pretty cool. I am excited to have gotten it. It really lends some credibility to my analysis work. Andy thinks that I should get a Java programming job just to see how I do but I don’t think that I am very comfortable doing that. I just don’t program that much.

Early to bed tonight. I have some catching up to do and my stomach hasn’t been happy with me today either. Staying up all night is not good for me anymore.

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