March 8, 2005

I had a meeting in the city first thing this morning. My meeting was actually downtown, for once. I never actually have to go into the city. Sometimes I forget what it looks like down there.

The meeting ran until just after 1:00, which was pretty long. I got home just after 2:00. Man the days pass by quickly.

Still no further details from Wegmans. This is going to be another one of those years where everything I do is up in the air until the very last minute. I am really getting used to that just being the mode in which my life operates. It would be nice to have a firm schedule for something once in a while. But who do I think I am?

Sadly, today the EU bypassed its own constitution and instated a new law, at the request of Microsoft and a few other major industrial players, that hands over the intellectual property of European citizens to big corporations. Democracy failed today as a Belgian “facist state-in-the-making” yielded to money instead of people. Belgium and the EU are clearly acting with total disregard to the welfare of their people. We have been watching the events connected with this controversy unfolding over the last year as member state after member state has asked this to be voted on but the Presidency has denied the democratic process and pushed towards dictatorship. We can only hope that the decision today does no more than to begin to tear down the EU’s government as they have shown again and again to not be truly interested in the good of the people of Europe or, for that matter, the world. It is even worse to realize that the money they have accepted (their twenty pieces of silver, if you will) was provided by US companies not European companies. The EU Presidency is happy to sell his citizens into slavery.

Dad came over and took Min and I out to Denny’s for dinner. Min had woken up early and was ready to go out to dinner by 5:00, which is pretty early for her. So we actually ended up having time to watch two movies. We started with the Studio Ghibli film Porco Rosso which is a rather unusual film about a pig flying ace fighting sea plane pirates between the World Wars. It was cute.

I brought my laptop over so that I could work on the dailies while watching movies in the theatre. Although the reality is that I can’t write very much while I am watching a movie and I am afraid that anything that I do write will be even less coherent than usual.

Before Min headed off to work, we watched Calendar Girls which I have been wanted to see for a long time. Helen Mirren rocks. Min and I were laughing like crazy at this movie, it is really funny. I have noticed that when I laught I am still getting the rushing sound in my ears that started the last time that Min and I flew together. It was bothering me a whole lot right after we flew but it is not bothering me nearly as often anymore but once a week or so I notice it. It worries me a little that something is wrong with my ear.

After Min left for work, I did some regular maintenance on her computer and then installed Empire Earth II which I have been dying to try out for almost a week now. I only have a demo version of the game so it is really limited. But I was able to get an idea about the game play. The graphics are way better than EE 1 and there is a bit different about the game but it retains the basic feel of the first game. I think that it looked interesting but I don’t really see it being the big game to step in and replace AoE2. It just didn’t have the right feel. But, we will have to keep watching it, it has some potential.

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