March 7, 2005

Min was exhausted when she got home this morning. She decided that she really liked having her computer with her for her long shift but that she wouldn’t want to do it on the shorter shifts. So she will probably end up taking it with her on Sundays from now on. Especially now that she has a faster graphics card and the new Sims expansion.

So Min decided not to go to breakfast with Dad and I this morning. He picked me up at 8:30 and we went over to the Omega Grill. We had a good time and wrapped up around 10:00. I got home and had some calls and emails to take care of. I spent a bit of the morning working on a couple of different things that I need to get written up. I was supposed to have had a lunch meeting today but that didn’t pan out and we rescheduled for tomorrow morning over coffee. I have a 3:30 phone meeting this afternoon but most of the day is my own, for a change.

Today is one of the most beautiful days that we have had in as long as I can remember. Well, okay, for several months at least. It is about 50F out and everything is melting very quickly. It is nice to see the grass again. I really should go for a walk today. I will see if I can talk myself into it. Winter makes me awfully lazy. Okay, okay, I am just lazy and winter has nothing to do with it. Give a guy a break. The weather is so nice today that I really want to go sit out on the deck and work out there. There was about a foot or more of snow on the desk yesterday, though and it hasn’t all melted off yet. Not likely to, either, by the time everything freezes again.

There was more blasting today. I saw the lights flicker then I heard the alarm go outside and I assumed that there was about to be another blast. So I ran upstairs trying to get outside before the shockwaves hit so that I could try to determine if it was really coming from the Walmart construction but I didn’t make it past the top of the stairs because the blast happened. Of course, the blast work Min and Mr. Humphries up – which isn’t nice because the hamster gets interupted while trying to sleep enough as it is.

Wil Wheaton has put out a plea for help as TV Guide is holding a survey of its readers to determine who is the most annoying Star Trek character ever and currently, Wil’s Wesley Crusher has a pretty good lead on everyone else – believe it or not, even beating Quark! Okay, honestly, the Wesley character was pretty bad. But, as Wil pointed out, this isn’t really about honesty anyway. So if everyone could just hop on over there for a second and vote for some other really annoying character, that would really help Wil out. And please ignore the fact that the TVGuide web designers are awful and the page looks like total poop and it doesn’t work quite properly on any browser that I have checked it with yet.

I decided to make myself some PB&J for lunch. Not so much because it sounded good but mostly because I was feeling really lazy. I hate spending time preparing food. I don’t enjoy doing it and I just want to get back to other important things, like, for example, writing the updates on SGL!

Wil must be stuffing the ballot box over at TV Guide because (okay, obviously I voted more than once to know this) he is already moved from being far in the lead to being tied with Worf’s son in just half an hour (it wasn’t be, I only voted twice.) He just posted the link on his site a little bit ago so it must be him and other people reading his site doing the voting. It is really funny that he has a large enough fan base reading his website in the middle of the day to swing a TV Guide poll so quickly. Good thing that he isn’t running for President, he would just post something to his site saying how much it would mean to him if all of his readers were to write him in and suddenly, we have 250,000 write in votes for some guy names, um… Wil Wheaton?

I don’t think that I mentioned it the other day – Bob and Lisa are going to be hanging here next weekend as well. Nate is conducting the Erie County All County Festival and both Bob and Lisa are performing there as well. So they will be crashing here on Friday night. While they are in Erie County doing that festival, my cousin Jeremy will be performing in the Livingston County All County Festival out here, somewhere.

I am on an exciting hour long phone conference discussing nothing in particular. Everyone is totally unprepared for the project but things seem to be improving slightly. I am hoping to get them to see my schedule as being the optimum one. If I can do that, then I think that the project will be able to run smoothly for the rest of the year. Boy would it be nice to have regular work for the rest of the year. I have two projects in the works, at the moment, that could pan out to get me through this year. One is the Wegmans project that I have been working on here and there since December. That one has a lot less total work over the course of the year than the other project which is with RG&E. Both projects are overnights. The Wegmans work is part time, close to 30 hours a week, if it really pans out the way that I am hoping that it will. That would be absolutely perfect. Three days a week would be so awesome. Not just three days but three days doing an overnight! Min and I would actually work the same shifts! Wegmans is supposed to run through September. RG&E is supposed to go a little bit longer and it is full time, which would be more money, but I would be a lot happier running part time for the rest of the year. The best situation would be to do the part time work so that I am able to continue doing my regular work during the day but pay the bills at night. Everyone, pray about the Wegmans project, it could be really good for us now that they have changed the way that they are looking at it.

I had to do some work on the NTI website today. But I got to do it, along with the SGL updates, while on the phone in that meeting. What a productive way to spend the day.

I got a phone call just before I went into my phone meeting and I ended up not writing down who had called. So I ended up having to call back and explaining that I was an idiot that hadn’t paid attention enough to know who I needed to call back. Then when I called, they had no idea who it was I was looking for because I am a big idiot. But they did manage to find someone able to talk to me at least so it worked out in the end. Except for the embarrassment thing. But that is okay. I guess.

I don’t think that I normally look forward to the end of the day as much as I was today, but it is almost 5:00 now and I am really feeling glad to know that the day is just about done. No more calls left to make except my one contact out in Kansas on Central Time and that isn’t stressful at all.

Okay, I went back and checked now, half a day later (yes, yes, I voted again) and Wesley Crusher is really falling from the top of the Most Annoying list. The WW fanclub must really be coming through today.

Min woke up when Andy got home at about 6:00. She was really exhausted this morning so I let her sleep in more than usual.

In the never ending quest to make SGL the coolest blog around, I am trying out some new things today. I have added a profile on Technorati in the hopes of generating some traffic and in providing a way to search the site for content. We will see if it works. I was thinking just yesterday that I would like to be able to search the site for content. So maybe this will do that for us.

Don’t forget, Wil will be on CSI on March 10, that is Thursday evening. Mostly that is a reminder for me to have someone record it since I have no television.

Well, I got the search feature sort of working. They aren’t searching SGL yet so it doesn’t really do anything. But I am hopeful. The whole thing is still a beta so maybe it won’t even work.

Min made vegetarian pigs in blankets for dinner, just like mom used to make, and we ate them while watching the very bizarre Waking Ned Devine. This is one of those movies that really baffles me when it comes to the ratings board (the MPAA, I guess.) This movies had an extreme amount of nudity in it (and by nudity, I mean full frontal male nudity for WAY too long – and to make it even worse it was really, really old guys) and the movie STILL managed to pull a flat PG rating. I will probably never understand the MPAA’s pathetic rating system. How can Waking Ned Devine not even warrant a PG-13 when Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead BOTH got saddled with an X!! Both of those being movies I would be far more likely to let younger children watch (younger than being allowed to watch WND, not little kids.) The MPAA has no grip on reality.

We had a little time left before Min had to go to work so we squeezed in the final two episodes of Roswell Season Two. That is just such an amazing show. It is so sad that they only managed to make three seasons of it before it went off of the air. Roswell is amazing as a television show because it manages to force an incredible array of emotions. It really gets under your skin. I can’t tell if I like it because I am able to connect or because it makes me feel young or old or just takes me to another place. I find myself, often, not wanting to really do anything after having watched Roswell because I want to be able to take the opportunity to just sit quietly and reflect on the show. It just have been awful for people who were first watching the show because they would see it in small chunks, broken up by commercials and on televisions. Seeing it now, without commercial breaks and one episode following right after another, in the theatre on a 168″ screen has to be a totally different experience. The show was filmed in HDTV but I doubt that they broadcasted it that way or, if they did, hardly anyone got a chance to see it. I am really glad to get to see it in the way that I am getting to see it. I am really looking forward to the final season which is expected out this summer. Min hasn’t seen that season yet either so we will get to watch it together.

Andy has been hard at work creating new video game technology for a few weeks now. He has been hold up in his laboratory every night creating this super secret new concoction. I got to see some of it tonight, there is some pretty exciting stuff coming. I was really impressed.

Well, I decided that I didn’t want to stay up too late tonight. I have a morning meeting up in the city tomorrow (actually in the city, up on East Ave.) So I want to get to get at a reasonable time and get some actual sleep into me. I have been tired for days. So I shut down the Mac just after midnight and I am now posting and turning the laptop off as well. Min is at work, the hamster is napping, Andy is programming.

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