April 12, 2005

I didn’t set my alarm correctly last night and didn’t wake up this morning until walked in at 8:00 and asked why I wasn’t up yet. Dad was supposed to be picking us up at 8:00. So I jumped out of bed and got ready as fast as I could. We went over to the Omega Grill for breakfast. I only had a danish since I had just gotten up and couldn’t eat yet. My stomach just doesn’t let me eat for an hour or more after I wake up. After breakfast, Min went to bed.

I spent most of the day working on the training materials for the XHTML class that I am teaching on Friday. There is a ton for me to prepare because I am making all of the materials myself.

The weather was really nice again today. I am pretty sure that it was warmer than it was yesterday. There was lots of sun. Very nice day.

Min and I did some grocery shopping this evening at Wegmans. We got home at 8:00 and Min cooked salmon for dinner. Then we watched Beverly Hills Cop III before Min had to go to work. It was a really short evening for her but tonight is her last night working so it isn’t so bad.

The other day I was talking to a couple of people about the cost of living in some large cities. I found CNN’s ranking of the world’s most expensive cities. I was not surprised to find Tokyo at the top with London close behind. I was somewhat surprised to see Moscow at number three, however. What would make that city so expensive? It seems like they would have plenty of land around the city to expand and the income levels don’t seem high enough to make the city able to be all that expensive. I was also surprised to find a couple of small Swiss cities at the top of the list as well.

After Min left, I watched Bloodsport which I haven’t seen since some time in the early 90’s like 1992 or so. Thirteen years. Boy that is a long time.

I was pretty tired after watching two movies and playing with the hamster for a while. So I decided to hit the hay. Rather an uneventful day. But that is nice sometimes. The end of this week is going to be really busy. Tomorrow is still slow, but I have to do some insulation in the basement in the evening. Thursday I will probably be at the school at least part of the day. Min will be teaching Thursday and Friday, I think. Friday at least. Thursday night we are having a thing at our house with the Millens and maybe the Ayers. Friday I teach that class and after that we have a game. Then on Saturday the Cases are coming over to watch the extended edition of Lord of the Rings III. So, the week is packed. And all of the spare time between now and the weekend is going to be spent either on that class, insulating or cleaning. Fun, fun, fun. Well, on that note. It is bed time now.

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