April 13, 2005

Yesterday I forgot to mention that I have a new weblog now, There, But For The Grace of God Go I, where I keep essays that I write about God, the Faith and Christianity. I had written one essay recently, which is already posted, and I thought that I might work on some more and I wanted to have a place to put them so that they would be accessible to people because there isn’t much point in me having them and keeping them all to myself. If I do that, I won’t even get anything out of them because I will lose them and forget that I ever wrote them.

Here is a “shout out” (and a blogroll) to Patrick of Notorious Ruminations who mentioned me on his blog this morning. Go check him out, he is an ex-Geneseoin living in the Buffalo/Niagara region now.

I got woken up at 6:30 this morning by Livonia Central calling to see if Min wanted to teach today. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself that she never gets called to sub anymore and “ta da” the phone rang. They knew that she was working the overnight and only needed her to come in in the late morning. So that worked out pretty well. I called her at work and she called them and decided to go in. It was especially cool because they wanted to make sure that they called her because it was a Biology teacher that was out today and, as you all know, her degree is in Biology. So she is at Livonia today teaching. It will be a big teaching week for her this week.

I was really tired and did some catching up on sleep this morning sleep until around 10:00. Andy was still here until after 11:00 but we never crossed paths so I don’t know why. He was gone by the time that I got up so I can only surmise that he went to work late today. He only has two weeks and three days left before his contract is up and they are winding down the projects for him at this point. They think that they only have about two days worth of work for him to do from here on out so he is going to be exceptionally bored at work until the end of April.

Speaking of work there, still no word on my contract. Today is the day that I was promised the contract would be signed so I am waiting to hear what is going on. I am expecting that I will be asking for significantly more money, about 30% more, to deal with all of this. I have had it and someone had better step up to the plate or I am going to go find something else to do and leave everyone else flapping in the breeze. Everyone is really banking on me on this project but no one is willing to put any money into keeping me around to do it. (That is necessarily true, the end client has expressed that they will do whatever is necessary to keep me on the project but that mentality has not trickled down to the people who are actually paying me at this point. But it might result in there being different people paying me very shortly.)

It is another beautiful sunny day. Boy it is nice to have Spring going on. June is busting out all over and it is only April!

I went out on the deck this morning. It is almost time to get out there and start enjoying the outside! At the end of last summer, Min and I got a nice four seat deck set with a real table so that we could use the deck as a second dining room since it attaches just a few steps away from the actually dining “area”.

At noon I realized that I had forgotten to take out the garbage. I ran outside but everyone else’s garbage had aleady gone. At least we don’t really generate all that much these days. It won’t be so bad to wait for next week. As I was coming back to the office I swung by the fridge and, while looking for something to nibble on, I discovered whipped cream that expired in January, 2004. That whipped cream must have been in the fridge every day that we had that fridge! It was like throwing out a piece of the house.

Eric discovered a really cool website selling affordable wind generators. I really want to get one and try it out up on the farm. That would be really neat. I know that Phil will be interested if he ever reads the page.

Today’s bizarre website is a Flickr page dedicated to Unhappy People at Disneyland. Check it out, you will love it.

More bizarre news today. Some MIT students have developed a system for randomly generating computer science papers for submittal to conferences. You can check out the MIT students here, if their link slows down enough to allow connections again. They were pretty busy today having been Slashdotted.

Min got home around 3:00. She was really tired but had a good time teaching. The only class that she had today was AP Biology and the rest of the day she had free. She managed to study a little for her A+ and she even managed to get in a little nap.

Min and I are going to be teaching down at Castile tomorrow AND on Friday. We are able to get in all of the younger classes tomorrow and then all of the older ones on Friday. That will make it far less rushed and give us a chance to really work with the students a lot more.

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