April 15, 2005

Today is a long day for us. We got up early and got moving. We went to Burger King in Geneseo on the way out of town to get some breakfast. That is our special treat for teaching all day on Fridays.

Min taught most of the day and I spent most of the day focussing on getting ready for this afternoon’s lecture that I am going to be doing. I still have a number of slides to get ready in my presentation and I have a lot of proof-reading that I need to get done to make sure that everything makes sense.

Classes went pretty well today. Dad came to the school around 2:00 and helped set up for the lecture. This is my first time lecturing since 2001. I am a bit rusty.

Overall, I think that the lecture went pretty well. It was almost a full two hours long and I had a lot of glassy looks coming at me but most everyone hung in there until the end. Hopefully I won’t lose them all by next week. Only one teacher came (other than Dominica so I guess that you can say that two teachers came which is a pretty decent percentage in the grand scheme of things) and my dad was there video taping the whole thing but we got about fifteen to eighteen studens which was a really good turn out, I thought. Especially when several students weren’t able to come because they weren’t able to get rides, a few had to work, Jeremy had tennis practice and Tony wasn’t allowed to leave his house (Tony’s life = house arrest.) So the turn out was quite good.

After wrapping up at the school, we drove the Case kids to their grandparent’s and we and dad went to the Silver Lake Family Restaurant for dinner. Time was running short, though, since we had a Friday Night Game scheduled for tonight.

Min and I picked up Jeremy on the way over to Art and Danielle’s to set up their new VPN hardware so that they can connect to our network. It took a little while to get that working but it did, finally, and we headed back to Geneseo to get the game moving.

We ended up having to wait for Art’s band practice to wrap up and we didn’t get a game going until 10:00. So, we only got a chance to play one but it was a really good one. Well balanced and we had a really good time. The VPN worked like a charm. That is going to make gaming SO much nicer as we move forward. We are really looking forward to Phil and Kate getting high speed Internet access as well so that he can play remotely too. I just think that that is the coolest thing.

Everyone got to bed before 2:00. A miracle for a Friday night. Not having anyone packing up and leaving the house really speeds up the “going to bed” process.

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