April 17, 2005

I tried to get Min out of bed in time to make it to Sunday School today but she wasn’t having any of that. She works the double today and she doesn’t want to have to be awake any longer than she absolutely has to be.

We got to church nice and early. We spoke with the Sunday School teacher and he said that Min should leave her job so that we could go to Sunday School on a regular basis. I think he was kidding. But I am not positive.

After church we did the Silver Lake Family Restaurant with dad as usual. Then Min was off to work for her long double.

Andy was hanging out with his family this afternoon and I got the house to myself for a little while. I relaxed for a little bit and then took dad’s Dremel and worked on that Walmart lamp that Min and I had bought a few months ago that wouldn’t accept florescent bulbs because they had added a plastic guard to keep them from fitting into the sockets. Why would they be going out of their way to stop people from using energy efficient bulbs? I have no idea. So anyway, I got the lamp modified so that we could use the good bulbs in it and not be paying a fortune for the electrcity needed to light our living room.

I ran down to grandma’s to visit with her and dad and to return dad’s Dremel to him now that I was done with it. I stayed down there until around 9:00. Then it was back home and some Sunday evening relaxing.

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