April 19, 2005

Today is the beginning of Min’s job hunting. She is free of the hotel. Everyone stand up and give me a big hurray! Of course, we don’t know what we are going to do now, but at least we have no more crappy hotel to worry about. One step at a time. The Lord will provide. He just might make us sweat first.

Dad met us for lunch today and we went over to the Omega Grill. We are like family there. I think that we eat there more than we eat at home. That might be true for my dad as well but less likely than Min and I.

We spent a good portion of the day getting Min’s resume prepared so that she can begin the serious job of job hunting tomorrow. This evening she tried taking three certification exams from BrainBench. She started by taking the test on English Vocabulary which she really can’t use on a resume but it gave her a chance to get used to the testing environment and format. That went really well so she went on to take the Computer Support Technician exam and did really well beating the ninety-first percentile. Then, being confident after doing so well on that test, she went on to take the Computing Fundamentals on Windows 95/98 exam. She is basing her exam choices off of what is available for free because a subscription to BrainBench is up to $199/year. A little pricey for just getting into the field and not sure how valuable the tests will be at this stage.

This evening Min and I watched more of Angel‘s first season and wound up finishing the entire season. It is really great that Min doesn’t have to go to work tonight. We actually get to spend some real time together. I really hope that she manages to get a job where we can actually see each other from time to time.

After watching Angel, I worked on a short Bible history essay on The History of the English Bible. It is hardly a comprehensive study, but I wanted to have a brief overview because I wanted to write more soon on a related topic and I needed to have that information available for my readers.

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