April 20, 2005

I started the day having a fight with some people about the project that I am supposed to be on. I made a play yesterday to get things rolling and it paid off but I had to pay the price for it this morning. It worked out in my favour, however, so I think that I did the right thing. It is always a careful gamble that must be taken when you are working with one company that is in the process of burning its bridges and if you are not careful they will burn your’s as well. I walk a fine line but I have been doing this a lot longer than most and I think that by this time I pretty much know how the game is played.

Min got up and took another BrainBench this morning. This time she took the Network Technical Support exam which she was really thinking that she wouldn’t be able to pass but she managed to squeak by. That should really give her an edge when looking at the jobs that she is looking at.

I, obviously, took part of the day to get this site caught up a little as I have been so far behind for the last few days. It is always a struggle to keep everything moving forward all of the time. I feel like the world would fall apart if I ever stopped paying attention to it.

Min and I hit the Omega Grill for some lunch and then hit Walmart for some quick shopping. We got That Seventies Show: Season Two which we have been dying to see and we found House of Flying Daggers which we have been patiently waiting for so we got that as well. We called dad because he has been wanting to see that movie and he is going to come over this evening to watch it. He has really been wanting to watch Hero from the same director but hasn’t had a chance to yet.

Andy came home and convinced us to go out to Denny’s for some dinner. We didn’t have any plans yet and we haven’t had a chance to eat with Andy in ages so we went there. There was quite a crowd out: they must have been drawn out due to the slight rain and the colder weather. It took almost two hours to get dinner. Min took her A+ stuff along to keep studying and I brought a notebook so that I could keep working on stuff for Friday’s class at Castile.

Dad came over after dinner and watched House of the Flying Daggers with us. That was really good but not as good as Hero. Dad wasn’t feeling well so he went home right after the movie.

After dad left and Min had done some more studying, she made some waffles and we watched the rest of the first disc of That Seventies Show: Season Two. Then it was off to bed. Min has an exit interview tomorrow so she has to get up to the city in the morning.

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