April 27, 2005

Today is a happy day. I actually got to go to work last night and I get to go to work tonight too. What a good feeling. I have been needing this for a while now. Especially with Min having been out of work for the last few weeks things have been a little bit stressful. Well, last night went pretty well and that is a really good sign. We are no longer under the “pilot” of the project and are actually underway now and there shouldn’t be too much to worry about from here on in. Things are bound to go wrong but at least we don’t have much that we know will go wrong yet.

I managed to wrap up around 1:30 last night but got stuck waiting around until 2:30 because no one was ready to sign off on my work yet. That was a pain. We will get things like that ironed out as the project moves forward though. That won’t be too bad for very long. I got home around 3:30 and got to bed around 4:00. I did some light work when I first got home because I wasn’t tired yet and wanted to take care of some things before falling asleep for an indefinite period of time.

Turns out people felt the need to call me and I was up at 9:30 talking about the project from last night. So I only got about five hours of sleep. I am not great at going back to sleep after really waking up to talk to people so I went ahead and got up. I was awake some in between there because I tend to be partially awake when Min is getting ready for work.

Today Min is down at the Castile school mirroring the seventh and eigth grade teacher so that she can take over the classes on Monday.

Our evening was super short tonight. I had to leave at 7:00 to get out to Buffalo to work so we just stayed in and hung out for a little while.

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