April 28, 2005

Today was my recovering day. I got home around 3:30 this morning and got into bed around 4:00. Rob called from the office at 9:30 so I only managed to get 5.5 hours of sleep at best. I got up as soon as the phone rang and stayed up the rest of the day. I had been up quite a bit in between because Min was getting up and getting ready for work and that makes me wake up occassionally. So I was pretty groggy today. I had plenty of miscellaneous things around the house that I needed to do having been out all week so I was busy taking care of those items. Min went down to Castile to spend a day split between teaching her regular computer classes and working with the seventh and eigth grades again that she will be taking over on next Monday. She is having a good time, though, and is looking forward to the challenge – although she is a little nervous as well. She has never taught a full blown class before and this is a style that she isn’t used to so it will be extra hard for her.

Min got home around 3:30 and we got ready and headed out the door for the ride to Syracuse. We got out there just in time to drop Min at the Carousel Mall and for me to get down to Onandaga Community College. I am sitting on the CIS Department’s Professional Advisory Board tonight and it is my first time there. Min is going to hang out at the mall and her parents are going to come out from Frankfort to have dinner with her (and to get lots of popcorn from the popcorn place in the mall.)

The board meeting went really well, I thought. I was really impressed by the school’s apparent dedication to the program and I think that they have a really good opportunity to really make it into a really impressive curriculum. I am excited to see what they will be doing in the future. Tim Stedman teaches at OCC and after the meeting he gave me a tour of the school and the labs in the CIS department. I don’t think that I have seen Tim since Min and my wedding! He and Becky are expecting their first baby in about four weeks. Everyone is having babies these days. We are beginning to feel left out. We are the only couple in our small Friday night Bible study group that doesn’t have any kids.

I picked Min up at the mall around 9:00 and we headed back out towards home. We got in around 11:30 and got straight to bed because we have to be up early in the morning so that we can get down to the Castile school first thing.

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