April 5, 2005

Another awesome day today. Sixty degrees and sunny. What a change! It is a really great day to be having casual meetings in the city so that I can get out and enjoy this weather a little bit.

I got a couple of calls this morning and had to leap out of bed and take care of a few things before starting the day. But that is okay, the weather is awesome.

I managed to get out of the door at 9:30 on the dot and headed for downtown. I got to “The Spot” at 10:10 and met Craig for coffee. We only stayed inside for about an hour. After that we just stood in front of the coffee shop because the weather was so nice. We hung out until 1:00 or so and decided that we should stop loitering in downtown Rochester and move on to some lunch. Craig only pencilled me in for two hours. I have no idea what he was thinking. Like anyone can talk to me for only two hours. HA!

We called Eric and swung by the hospital to pick him up. The three of us went over to Aja Noodle at Twelve Corners in Brighton. That place is great. I have never been up there before – I don’t usually hang out in that part of town. I am glad that we went there because the food was amazing and not expensive at all. They do a variety of upscale Asian cuisine from all over the place. Good lunch menu. The three of us hung out there until around 4:00. Eric had to “get back to work” so we took off.

After work, Eric and Amanda met Min and I over at the Omega Grill for some dinner. Rachel actually got to come along. We never managed to get to visit with them when Rachel is around. I won’t bore you with food details 😉

Min and I watched an episode of Angel before she had to head off to work. She is training another auditor tonight. The other main auditor quit recently and Min is stuck as the trainer for part of the time. She hates training.

I wanted to stay up late tonight so that I would sleep in late tomorrow so that it would be easier to work late tomorrow night. We will see. I have yet to be able to sleep in in the least after doing this same thing for three weeks. At least this week I remembered to take the trash out before going to bed instead of having to jump out of bed and run out there with the trash like an idiot. There is a lot of it too since I kept forgetting to take it out for so long.

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