April 6, 2005

Today is even more beautiful than yesterday. It is over seventy degrees out! I can’t believe it.

I managed to sleep in well today. Not because people didn’t call but because I kept the phone out of my bedroom. I didn’t miss anything important anyway. I think one call was a wrong number and one was Eric forgetting to read SGL before he called my house.

I slept until 12:30 which was decently close to eight hours of sleep. I had taken the garbage out at 4:00 this morning and the weather was so nice that I decided that I had to take a walk and enjoy it. So I walked for about half an hour. Not a long walk because my ankle was bothering me but it was a little bit of excercise anyway. Every little bit helps.

Dad came over at 2:00 to install some white boards that he had picked up for me from Home Depot. We got four of them but we he only put up two because we don’t really have a good spot for the other two yet. I am hoping that having them will help keep me a little bit more organized than I have been.

Eric found a nice computer in the trash at the hospital and is going to be replacing his dying desktop with it. He managed to find a PIII-1GHz machine that will be much nicer than what he has now. And, cooler yet, it comes with Windows 2000 Pro installed on it so that is really nice too. We are hopeful that it will work to connect to our corporate VPN and let him do a bit more work remotely. Right now he is really disconnected from the company since he is in a remote location, doesn’t control his Internet access and runs a different operating system than the rest of the company. He also found a nice looking laser printer in the trash yesterday could, potentially, be something nice for his office too. He is stuck with a super cheap deskjet right now. What a pain that must be.

Dad took off around 4:00 – he has a lot to do today. My day was pretty slow. I try not to do too much before going into Wegmans. I am working the overnight again tonight. No idea where the project is going yet but I know that, at very least, this week is all set. I don’t work next week so I don’t have to worry about it for two whole weeks. Then we will see where things are at that point.

Either I have caught a cold or I have allergies. I have never had allergies before, as far as I know, so this is new. It seems to hit me whenever it is warm outside so that would appear to be allergy related. I am feeling fine, just congested.

I have already started using my white board. That is nice to have. Art, Danielle and Michael came over for a little while this evening. Art is borrowing a firewall and wanted to look at our refridgerator to see about installing a water line so that our fridge will start making ice cubes (we have never bothered to have that installed.)

After the Ralstons left, Min and I ran over to Burger King and got some dinner. Tonight is my super short evening because I am working the overnight. We got back from dinner and I pretty much just got my laptop and everything packed up and ready to head into work. I am in Perinton tonight.

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