April 8, 2005

My own other blog, SGL2 – The Blog about Blogging has betrayed me and is not ranked almost 100,000 places more popular than the venerable SGL that you are reading now. Et tu, SGL2?

The blasting has appeared to have stopped. We haven’t fealt any tremors for a whole week now. At least not that we have noticed. It has gotten harder and harder to tell since we don’t even realize that it is happening anymore. It has been almost a month. Also on a positive note: there appears to be no more mice. I only found the one and there have only been “signs” of their having been a single mouse and there hasn’t been any more mouse noise in the house either. All of that points to the probability of our mouse having been an isolated rodent incident. Cross your finers. We do NOT want to go through another infestation. That was rough enough the first two times. I think that there are mice who have spent more time in this house than I have. But, when you really think about it, it is probably also true that Mr. Humphries has probably spent considerably more time in the house than I have. He has been here almost the entire life span of the house and has never left the house since he was about six weeks old. So he racks up the time pretty quickly.

Min was up and moving really early this morning. She had to be out the door around 7:30 to get to the school in time to teach the sophomore boys. She can only squeeze them in before the rest of the school starts their day so she has to go in really early.

I didn’t get up until around 9:00. I showered and then ran over to Burdger King for some breakfast. Min did the same thing earlier this morning. It is her Friday morning ritual to treat herself to Burger King before teaching. I got down to the Castile school around 11:00 and managed to get some good work done while I was there. I was able to help out until 12:45 when I had to head up to Perry to work up there.

I worked in Perry until 4:00. Min got out of teaching and came up and sat outside where I was working, reading on a bench. It was a really beautiful day.

At 4:00 we hoped into the car and hit the road south. We stopped off in Dansville to get a bite to eat at Burger King since neither of us had had a chance to eat anything since breakfast. Then it was off to Ithaca.

We arrived in good time for the Ithaca High School musical “My Favorite Year” which Nathan Parker is the musical director for. Tonight is the second night of the show. I have seen the show before but not for a really long time. As always, the IHS production was amazing. We are really glad that we made it down. It was sad, though, because this year is the first year that Nate’s students from middle school are graduating. Three of the girls that I chaperoned in 2000 were in the cast and this is their final show at IHS. All three of them saw me from the stage, though, since I was in the front row sitting next to Bob Winans.

After the show, we met up with Bob and Lisa at the Nine’s but there were bands playing and it was far too loud to hang out. So we headed downtown and got some pizza at Sammy’s instead. Boy I love Sammy’s pizza.

By that time it was pretty late so Min and I had to head home. We had been hoping to swing by Trumansburg to see Nate, Tammy and the new baby but it was too late to be able to see everyone tonight. So home we went. We got in around 4:00 am and went right to bed. We were pretty tired.

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