April 7, 2005

I got in around 5:00 this morning. Work was okay last night. If I hadn’t screwed a couple of things up then I would have been home closer to 3:00. Well, maybe next time. One can hope. It is only a big deal to get to go home early when I am working at one of the local stores. Once I am out of town, it will just give me the chance to get back to the hotel earlier. Oh joy. I did managed to get a lot of reading done last night. I took six magazines with me and made it through at least four of them during the night. That is a really handy thing about this job – it is going to allow me to catch up on a lot of reading over the next six months since there is at least a solid hour or wait time likely at each store. That is a lot of mandatory reading that I wouldn’t normally managed to squeeze in.

I wasn’t able to go to sleep when I got in, though, because I was so congested that I couldn’t breathe with the CPAP so I tried taking a shower to see if that would help. That didn’t so I resorted to using a couple of different types of nasal sprays designed to deal with the inflamation problem that I have. That seemed to work okay and by 6:00 I was able to go to bed.

I slept until 12:30. That was nice. I had gotten congested again and was having problems sleeping. But I got plenty of sleep so it wasn’t a problem.

Min wanted to go up to the city to do a little shopping and we were both starving so we headed up to Aja Noodle at Twelve Corners. I had that the other day and it was awesome so I wanted to get it again. Min had had my leftover Pad Thai from the other day and wanted to try this place out too. So we went and had a really nice dinner. I went for the Pad Thai again but she got the Bangkok with is a different type of noodle in a coconut sauce. It was really good too but I like the egg noodles better, I think.

After dinner we went down to JoAnne Fabrics and did a little shopping. I just sat in the car while Min did the actual shopping. While she was there she finally found the quilt hangers that we have been needing for forever so that we can hang our wedding quilt up in the living room.

We swung past the hospital too. Eric is working the “B” shift tonight and will be there late. He recently found a nice computer in the trash that he wanted to replace his desktop at the office with so I picked that up so that we could get it all set up for him. It even came with a license for Windows 2000 Pro. How cool is that?

We stopped at my grandmother’s for a little bit on the way back to the house. Min wanted to pick up one of the A+ books from Jeremy so that she could get to the studying. She is thinking about making a career change away from the hotel auditing biz. She doesn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did although she has done it for over half as long (I think.) She definitely likes it more than Andy did, though. But she is looking at going for a help desk position for now. It will give her time to build up some experience this year and to give her a chance to get some certifications under her belt. It is really a good move for her considering all of the resources that she has access to here.

I worked down in the office this evening while Min worked upstairs on school work for tomorrow. She is trying to get a lesson plan together for the next week or two. Next week I start teaching the Web Design class in the evening. I worked on getting SGL udpated and getting that new desktop ready for Eric. He isn’t going into the office tomorrow but I am going to have a busy day and won’t have any other chance to get to it if I don’t do it tonight. So I am trying to get it out of the way.

Min is teaching at Castile all day tomorrow. I will be going down with her in the morning to make sure that any technical issues are taken care of. Then I am going to be going up to Perry in the afternoon to do some work up there for a few hours. I am hoping to be done before 5:00 – before 4:00 if I am really lucky. After we are done working, we are planning on making a run for Ithaca to go see the Ithaca High School musical, “My Favorite Year”, which is at 8:00. We will try to see the Parker’s baby before we head back home.

Min ended up going to bed early because she has to be up and moving really early tomorrow. She is going to teach the tenth grade boys before the normal start of the school day and they get there as early as 7:45. I don’t know if I am going to be getting up with her in the morning or not. I am leaning towards not. We have to drive separately anyway so it wouldn’t be a big deal for me to go in later. I will be needing the sleep.

Art and Danielle decided to order a Netgear FWG114P firewall and VPN accelerator so that they are able to connect their network to ours. That will rock for AoE2 because we can have as many people at their house as we want and as many here and everyone can play like they are right here in the house. Josh was the first one to try it and it works great with him. This means that just about half of everyone playing can be located somewhere else. Pretty cool. Ideally, I would like to only have four people play here since that is the amount of seating that we can comfortably handle. Andy, Min and I each have our permament computers to play on and we have the one free desk in the basement that is always available. Other than those, someone always has to squeeze in somewhere. So this is going to be great. Even five people here is no hassle. But once you go to six, we start running out of space. Now if we can just get everyone set up and using Skype, then we will be all set.

It is almost 2:00 in the morning and I need to get some sleep. Min will be getting up in about four hours so that doesn’t leave a long time for me to sleep even if I don’t leave at the same time that she does.

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