May 13, 2005

Up and moving first thing and off to Burger King with Min for our regular Friday morning breakfast. Today is my next to last day of teaching at Castile. Next Friday is my wrap up day. Just doing some typing classes and then doing the final day of my six week lecture series on XHTML and Web Design.

I had some computer problems this morning and wasn’t able to get all of the kids in. We had to push off the first classes because there were so many problems. But it didn’t take me too long to get things fixed and back to working the way that they should be. Boy it would be nice if we were able to use machines that weren’t quite so flaky. That would make my life a LOT better. Actually, the problems this morning were mainly caused by me doing some configuration changes. I added one of our Netgear firewall units to the network and it ended up killing the main server for a while which caused just all kinds of problems. I had to lug one of the monitors up into the hall closet ceiling where we keep the server and work from a ladder for a while while I got the server running correctly again. So it was partly my fault. But only barely. It shouldn’t have reacted that way. There was even an “oops” error on the server waiting for me. But the cool new feature that we have now is that there is a VPN connection between my office here in Geneseo and the school so it is TONS easier to administer the school now and it is possible for those of us who are teaching at the school to be able to connect back to the house network so that I can work just like I am at home but more slowly. That is really important for me since I tend to loose an entire day each week because I am down at the school. Now I am able to work when I am in Castile. I also added the wireless network today so that I can add in the wireless workstation into Min’s classroom. That is a really cool new feature. And my laptop works wirelessly now too when I am there. Very cool.

I had to spend a considerable amount of the day today working on getting ready for my lecture this afternoon. I just get no time at all during the week to be able to work on these projects. It makes for really frustrating Fridays. But it keeps me busy and the days pass at an incredible pace.

Tonight’s lecture went pretty well. We did so much hands on examples that we didn’t even manage to make it through all of the actual material that I had prepared for the class. But that makes it a little bit easier for me next week since I have some of this week’s class to cover so I don’t need to produce as much material for next time. But it only helps a little bit.

After the lecture, Min, Dad and I went to the Silver Lake Family Restaurant in Perry for some quick dinner. The SLFR and the Omega have really become our two places to eat. It really shows how important having good, cheap food can be.

Tonight is the next to last night of our Purpose Driven Life Bible Study with Eric and Amanda’s church in Caledonia. That was from 7:00 till 10:30. After that we went back to the house where Andy and Jeremy were already embroiled in a warm up AoE2 match. They wrapped up and Min and I joined and we played three 2-on-2 matches. We played until about 2:00 in the morning.

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