May 14, 2005

Jeremy was here until 11:00 when his mom came to pick him up. I was actually up and moving before she got here which is unusual for me on a Saturday morning. Min got up a little after me. Today we are doing some shopping for garden supplies like flowers and mulch.

Min is also taking today as a chance to learn how to drive stick. So she drove to Warsaw. Not all the way into town. She started driving from the Boyd-Parker Memorial Park in Cuylerville and went to the top of the hill in Warsaw and had me drive in Geneseo and Warsaw so that she wouldn’t be driving in town. Jen Warriner, for whom Min is teaching until the end of the year, owns and operates a garden shop in Rock Glen just south of Warsaw so we went down there to get the stuff that we needed. We were probably there for an hour or so. We got about $70 worth of plants. Nothing big, just lots of little stuff to put around the sidewalk. I am trying to get Min to switch to perennials from annuals so that the garden is sustainable. This “buy it and stick in the ground” philosphy doesn’t work for me. I expect gardens to take some maintainance every year but I don’t expect to have to replace the plants. I have never understood the point of annuals. You almost might as well use plastic plants, I say.

After shopping we went to Glen Falls and got an early dinner at Susan’s on Rt. 19A. That is a really interesting place. The owner is apparrently the previous chef of the Glen Iris. Susan’s is a strange combination of family restaurant and fancy restaurant. (You know that you grew up in Wyoming County when you refer to something as “fancy restaurant”!) The food was really good. They have a smoked trout appetizer that is really awesome. We really enjoyed our dinner.

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