May 23, 2005

I got up as Min was leaving for school this morning. Only four hours of sleep, which isn’t awful considering I took a nap yesterday afternoon for several hours, but it is still pretty light for a night’s sleep, even for me. I had to get up this morning because I have a meeting at Wegmans at 10:00 that I have to get to. So I got up and got moving and out the door roughly on time.

After my meeting wrapped up around 11:00, I went over to the hospital and Eric and I went to the Mt. Hope Diner for some “breakfast.” I will call it breakfast since I had eggs, toast and hashbrowns and it was my first meal of the day. We had three or four cups of coffee but didn’t stay long. I had some errands to run so Eric came along. We went to Home Depot. The idea was to pay off my credit line that I have there but for some reason I am having an issue with my debit card working there and I am not able to pay off that debt no matter what I do. So I put a big chunk down on it and gave up for the day. What a pain that credit line has turned out to be! Not worth it at all for all of the pain it has taken to make payments on it. After that we hit the bank and deposited my paychecks for the last few weeks. Then we went to Kaufmann’s and finally returned that pair of Dockers that didn’t fit that Min and I bought almost two months ago that has been sitting in the plastic Walmart bag by the front door for forever. Then we went across the street to Border’s for a minute. There was a book that I was interested in but they didn’t have it so I didn’t buy anything. Nothing. Nope. I know you can’t believe it but it is true.

I took Eric back to the hospital and headed for home myself. Min got home from work just about half an hour before I got in. It is a short evening today. I arrived home around 3:30 and have to be back on the road at 7:30 to get out to work in Geneva. I had to do some regular work at home until 6:00. I had to get a package out to an account in South Carolina. So I did that until 5:30 and then Andy and I ran out to UPS really quickly to get that sent off. Min spent most of the evening on the telephone with her sister in Houston who is looking to adopt a Boston Terrier of her own. She had had a one year old rescued puppy visit her yesterday and she was going to take that one but today she discovered a two year old Boston female that was at the county shelter that euthenizes after just three days and she thinks that she wants to possible take that one instead. So she doesn’t know what she wants to do at this point. So she and Min have been discussing it and discussing where all of the dogs will be staying this summer while Francesca is up in New York visiting.

Min made veggie hot dogs for dinner. We didn’t get much time to spend together, though. It was a busy evening. Luckily I am working only two nights this week. Tonight and tomorrow night. Tonight in Geneva and tomorrow up on East Henrietta. Then I don’t work again until Tuesday of next week. That will be my longest break for a long time.

I left for Geneva just a little after 7:40pm. It takes just about an hour to get out to Geneva going the back route through Richmond. It is not an exciting drive by any stretch but I have “Reading Lolita in Tehran” yet to listen to so I popped that in for the journey. I am about eleven CD’s into it which is almost fourteen hours or so. I think that there are four or five CD’s left to go.

As soon as I got into Wegmans I realized that I forgot something that I have to have in order to do my job. I tried calling the house and went into a panic when I realized that Min’s cell phone was off and the house phone was in use. The reason that this is so bad is because we have call waiting disabled because it doesn’t work very well so we have it set up to go directly to voice mail which generally works really well because my voice mail system immediately sends out an email alert to let me know that a message has been left and often the actual message gets delivered right behind it so that I can get to the message through my email without ever having to even check in with the voicemail service at all. Normally this is fine since the calls are usually for me. But tonight, I am here trying to contact people at the house. And those email alerts only go to me. Uh-oh. I tried a few times and had no luck getting through. So I called Eric and he said that he could run over to the house to let them know that I needed to talk to them. But he couldn’t go over for a little bit. I tried calling dad but couldn’t get through to him either. Luckily I do not have to have this cable absolutely first thing or I would already be in really bad shape. I tried dad again and managed to get through. He drove over to the house and had Min get a hold of me. Then she drove out from Geneseo to bring me the cable in Geneva. She wasn’t very happy about having to come out just to bring me a cable. But there was nothing that I could do once I was out here. I have a limited window to get everything done in and there is no place in Geneva where I would be able to buy a cable like that. I tried to call her and meet her in Canandaigua which is about two-thirds of the way between Geneseo and Geneva but her phone was still dead and on the charger back at the house so I wasn’t able to reach her once she was on the road and I wasn’t able to tell whether or not I would be able to leave until it was too late.

Min made it out to meet me just about 10:30. She was definitely not happy when she arrived. She was probably half asleep when I first called and she would almost certainly been asleep by the time she made it out here. It will be around 11:30 by the time she makes it back to Geneseo which means that not only will she be upset with me tonight but she will also be mad at me tomorrow since she won’t have gotten enough sleep. It might be a good thing that I have to work tomorrow night too.

I am writing tonight’s update, in case you couldn’t tell, from work in Geneva. I got a little time to write the update tonight because, for some reason, I actually managed to get ahead during the process tonight and I am actually stuck waiting on the computer. Normally, it has to wait on me.

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