May 22, 2005

Min and I had been hoping to have been able to pull ourselves out of bed and make it to the early 8:30 service at Avon Wesleyan this morning. Ha ha ha. That didn’t happen at all. Min didn’t even wake me up to ask me what time I wanted to get up until 8:50. Man was I tired. We ended up sleeping until the very last possible minute and rushing to get to the 11:00 service in Avon. Eric is speaking for a few minutes this morning as the spokesman for our 40 Days of Purpose Small Group so we thought that we would go to lend some moral support. We have been wanting to visit their church for a while now so it was a good chance. Unfortunately, today is a special service celebrating the end of the six week small group thing that they have been doing so the service this morning was nothing like a regular service so we didn’t get a chance to see what that would really be like.

After church, Eric and Amanda and us went to the Village Restaurant in downtown Avon. None of us had ever been there before so it was a good chance for us all to try something new. The food was pretty good. I was surprised that there was even a restaurant where it was. I had no idea that there was one there.

Eric and Amanda headed home and Min and I went over to Woody’s II right next to the Village Restaurant because Min wanted to get some dessert after lunch. As we walked by I noticed that they had ice cream from the Mackinac Creamery in Michigan! I was very excited because I am familiar with their ice cream having visited the actual creamery before back when I was living in Michigan. Mom and dad had come out to Michigan for a weekend to visit since I really didn’t have any time to make it back home. For the weekend we had driven up to the northern tip of Michigan where it comes to a northern point between the great lakes. I am pretty sure that it is still the farthest north that I have ever been. It is pretty far up there. While we were there we stopped by the real Mackinac Creamery. They have the most amazing ice cream. Right up there competing with Cows of Prince Edward Island! (Why does all of the really awesome ice cream come from such isolated locations?)

I was totally exhausted by the time we got home. So I laid down and ended up taking a pretty serious nap. I even put my CPAP on so you know that I was taking this seriously (you could say that I was taking this nap lying down, ha ha – oh brother!) I ended up falling asleep sometime around 4:00 and didn’t get up until pretty near to 8:00! That is quite the nap. About as long as my whole previous night’s rest.

After I woke up, Min and I went down to the theatre and watched Swing Kids with Christian Bale and Robert Sean Leonard. It is a movie about German teens in the 1930’s living in Hamburg during the Nazi occupation. It was pretty good. We got it really cheaply so I think that it was a good deal.

We watched Swing Kids and then Andy came down to the theatre and the three of us watched Star Wars IV: A New Hope. I haven’t had a chance to watch it on DVD yet. Boy did it look good in our theatre. Not as good as Episode III looked on the Kodak DLP at Tinsletown, but it gave a generally similar effect. It has been some time since I have watched Episode IV. It was pretty cool watching it right after having seen Ep. III twice because it really helped show what a good job they did tying the two story lines together. Now that you have a better grasp on the backstories from III, it is really weird to watch IV because you perspective is completely different. Suddenly you have a different appreciation for the things that are going on in the movie and who everyone is and why different things are important. It really is like a new movie now. And it is funny because there are often subtle looks between characters in IV that take on whole new meanings now that III explains them. I don’t know how much of that was intentional and how much was coincidental, but it works out really well.

Min was exhausted and ended up going to bed early on through the movie. I stayed up until the end and even then had a hard time falling asleep right away so I went to bed with my laptop and worked from bed for a little while.

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