May 30, 2005: Memorial Day

Min and I finally got a little bit of a chance to sleep in a little this morning. Boy did we need it after this weekend. We were zonked. Min had to spend a lot of time today getting ready for her flight tomorrow. She is trying to pack light which isn’t easy for her. She doesn’t have me with her to carry her luggage and she doesn’t want to hurt her back so she is trying to take as little as she can get away with if at all possible.

We went over to dad’s around 3:00 to help set up a little for the picnic this afternoon. Andy went over to his family’s Memorial Day events closer to noon. I think that he is secretly very excited about having made macaroni salad.

I hit some golf balls around before everyone arrived at 4:15. Dad has a massive lawn now and there is plenty of room to hit golf balls around. It is really cool. Now I just need to invest in a large number of golf balls so that I can actually use the place like a driving range.

Uncle Leo, Aunt Sharon, Granda, Sara, Jeremy and Sara’s friend “Toast” all arrived around 4:15 and we ate near 5:00. Dad cooked on the grill. Min and I had the same delicious Morning Star Philly Cheese Steak soy burgers that I had had the other night. Boy those are good.

We got home around 8:00. I worked on the laptop for a little while. I went to bed around 10:30 and Min followed just a little bit later, closer to 11:00. Luckily, I was tired already so I was able to fall asleep. Tonight would be an awful night to not be able to fall asleep rapidly. I really think that my CPAP causes me to associate wearing it with sleeping and I pretty much fall asleep once I put it on.

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