May 29, 2005

The morning after! Dominica and I were up bright and early and on the road back to Farmington this morning. We were still pretty tired from yesterday. We were hoping to get to Josh and JoAnna’s close to 10:00 but it was more like 10:40 by the time that we finally got all of the way out there. We stopped in Lakeville on the way through at the McDonald’s and got some breakfast. We were in need of some quick egg protein.

We hung out with the newlyweds until about 2:00. When we went to leave (we had to leave when we did because we had to return by tux back to Marketplace Mall) we discovered that the waistcoat to my tux was missing. We searched everywhere for it. It was handy that we were out where the wedding was so that we didn’t have to wonder if it was somewhere else. We looked everywhere including in my car and in my luggage. I could have sworn that I had brought it in the night before but it was very dark out and I wasn’t able to see when I brought things in from the tent. So we are really hoping that Phil got the waistcoat somehow by mistake since we weren’t able to get a hold of him this morning.

Off to Marketplace Mall we went. I turned in my tux, that only took a second. They were very helpful about the lost waistcoat. We didn’t get anything resolved, but they were very helpful. Min did some shoe shopping at the Discount Shoe Warehouse Shoe Warehouse (no, I am not repeating myself, that is its name.) She found some flip-flops that she liked. She wanted to get some so that she would have something cool to wear when she goes to Texas in two days.

We got home around 5:00 just minutes after the Ralstons had called to see if we wanted to play a few games of AoE2. It was a long weekend and we figured that we needed a chance to relax so we decided that that sounded like a good idea. I called up Jeremy and he said that he was allowed to play. So I ran down to Leicester to pick him up. Dad also had the Case’s new laptop in his car that I needed to pick up so that I could work on that as well. No rest for the weary.

We played from about 6:30 till 11:30. It was an exhausting night. I needed that. I got Jeremy home around 11:45 and I collapsed into bed as soon as I was home again.

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