May 4, 2005

I was actually home and in bed by a few minutes after one this morning. Boy was that ever nice. I managed to get a full night’s rest too. I didn’t have to get up until close to ten. I needed the chance to catch up a little bit. I am not as young as I was when I used to work crazy hours. I don’t adapt nearly as quickly anymore.

I did some cleaning around the house today and collected all of the trash to take out since today is trash day. I managed to finally get caught up with all of the cardboard that has been collecting in the garage and get that out. Boy it is nice to have that space back in the garage. I have really been needing to do that.

I headed up to Rochester just a little after noon. I had a busy morning and had to swing by Dunkin Donuts at the Hess in Avon to get some lunch. I went up to Rochester and stopped by the hospital to help Eric out with his new desktop that he installed there this morning. It is a PIII-1Ghz machines which is a massive upgrade from his PIII-450 that he has been using. One big drawback, though, is that this new machine only has 128MB of memory and it is almost unbearable to use.

Craig, or the Evil Monkey Man as he likes to be called, called me at 1:45 to ask if we were still on for 2:00. He had forgotten about us getting together today until his alarm went off while he was at home just fifteen minutes before we were supposed to meet. So we rescheduled for 3:00. Eric and I ran out because I had a couple of things that I needed to do and he needed to go to 84 Lumber to look for metal studs – which, of course, they don’t have because they are a lumber house not a metal studs dealer. We swung by Hollywood Video and looked to see what they had used because their prices are down to just $8 for a used movie now which is pretty good. I got one French film and one Mexican film and on English film but I don’t have the movies in front of me and I don’t remember what it was. Then we ran over to the Chili Super Walmart and shopped really quickly because I was looking for a specific headset for my Mac Mini but they didn’t have the one that they advertise online so we took off without getting anything.

I met up with Craig at The Spot on East Ave. at 3:00 and we hung out there until about 4:30. Then we walked up the street to Havanna Joe’s and met up with some of Craig’s friends. We had a few drinks there and then walked up to Salinger’s to meet up with other friends. I called Min on the way over and she decided to come up to the city to have dinner with me. So we arranged to meet at Borders. Craig or “The Evil Monkey Man” called his fiancee (they are leaving to go to Mexico on Monday for their wedding) and she decided that she wanted to get together for dinner. So I went down to Borders and met Min down there and we did some quick shopping. They didn’t have what I was looking for so we were only there for a few minutes. Then we went over to the King and I and met up with Craig and his fiancee and had dinner. We had a really nice time and ended up hanging out until the restuarant was closing.

Min and I got home close to 11:00 and decided to go straight to bed. She has to get up at 6:30 in the morning so she needs to get to sleep fairly early.

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