May 3, 2005

Bear with me for the next six months. Doing updates while working the overnight out of town is really tough. I have a lot of work that needs to be taken care of during the day and at night I have no Internet access so even when I write the updates they are very difficult for me to post. I am writing today’s post from the back office of the Wegmans grocery store in Webster just East of Rochester. This is the store that is located in the parking lot with the restaurant that Josh used to manage many moons ago. We have gotten the migration process down to a science at this point and there is very, very little free time for me so I will do my best to write as much as I can while I am here. I am already way ahead of things and waiting on the computers so things are going well. I am able to leave as soon as I am finished so I am trying my darndest to get the process smooth.

Min was up and gone this morning and I didn’t even realize it. I was dead to the world. I took one or two phone calls during the morning but don’t remember them very well. I got up around 9:30 which gave me about six and a half hours of sleep which is really good. It is just difficult because my schedule feels all shifted. Although, if we manage to really get this process down, it won’t affect my schedule all that much since I am home consistently only an hour or two after I would normally be going to bed if I wasn’t out working. So really, this is really good for me.

I didn’t go anywhere today. I did the laptop on the kitchen table thing again since that worked so well yesterday. I wasn’t nearly as productive today, though. I had a headache most of the day and that kept me from doing anything very mentally strenuous. That leaves me with a little bit of work that I have to do first thing in the morning tomorrow before going up to the city in the afternoon to get coffee with Craig and then probably hang out with Eric.

I did manage to read at least three chapters of the Purpose Driven Life today. I am three chapters behind Min and pretty well on track for being caught up in time for Friday’s Bible study. That is a lot of reading to be catching up on and the book is very slow moving so it is very tough to stick with it and to be able to retain anything.

Min got home late from school today: lots of paper that needed to be graded. Today was easier than yesterday. She got in around 4:15 and realized that National Treasure released today. So we called the Millen’s to see if they wanted to come over and watch it with us. They have Rachel tonight so their time was more flexible. Eric came straight over from work and Amanda came over with the girls as soon as the kids that she babysits were picked up. Min and I ran out to Wegmans and ordered some pizza and ran over to Walmart and got the movie while the pizza was being made. We also noticed that the new version of the Phantom of the Opera was out with Emmy Rossum so we picked that up as well. Emmy is the girl from Passionada which was really good.

We watched the movie just in time for me to run out the door and get to work. Luckily I am still in the Rochester area this week. I don’t think that I have the energy to be out of town quite yet. I am hoping that next week is local too. Next week I have to start working three nights instead of two but I can’t complain since I am on a flat rate and got two weeks of two days each in right at the beginning. That really worked out in my favour.

As you may have noticed, I did get a chance to do some serious update work while at the office tonight. The updates for two weeks ago are very short and I will fill in details if I think of anything else but I think that, at this point, that that is rather unlikely. My memory gets fuzzier and fuzzier more and more quickly these days.

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