May 8, 2005: Happy Mother’s Day

Min and I are in Frankfort this morning. Due to a network issue, we are not able to update the site while we are out here, so everyone just has to wait until we get back home to see the latest updates. But since you can’t be reading this until we are back and have updated the site, I guess that there isn’t a whole lot of point to me even pointing this out.

I managed to actually sleep last night. I had only got about four hours but that is a lot better than nothing which is what we were worried about. We slept with the window open and I held my head with my hand to allow me to breathe as much as possible.

We had breakfast at Min’s parent’s house, bagels and donuts. Then Min and I watched Alien Versus Predator while everyone else was at Mass. It wasn’t quite as bad as I had imagined but it was definitely pretty bad. What a cheesy idea. I really can’t believe that they made that.

We headed out from Frankfort around 2:30. We listened to more of “Reading Lolita in Tehran” on the way home and stopped at one of the rest stops to get some quick lunch at a McDonalds. We also got some ice cream at Ben and Jerrys. We haven’t done that in a while.

We got home and Min ran out to Walmart to return that bad movie and to do some quick shopping. I took care of some things on my laptop that needed to be done and then we drove down to Leicester to visit with the family for mother’s day.

After visiting with the family, we came home and watched Resident Evil: Apocalypse. It was a relatively mundane rip off of Dawn of the Dead. It was okay but nothing special at all. Then it was off to bed. Early day tomorrow again.

Tomorrow I am having breakfast with dad at 7:00 at the Omega Grill. I will be at the house most of the day tomorrow working with Andy. Then tomorrow night I am working in Corning. Tuesday night in Elmira and Wednesday night in Hornell. I will probably be staying in Corning or Ithaca on Monday morning to reduce the driving and to catch up on some sleep time. I expect that I will be going into the Castile school on Wednesday during the day to do some work down there that I don’t have any other time to get in.

Okay, plenty of updates for everyone from over the weekend. See you all next week.

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