May 9, 2005

Min is teaching still this week so she was up super early this morning. I got up at 6:40 to get ready to go to breakfast with dad and her. We met dad over at the Omega at 7:00. We didn’t get to hang out long, though, because he had to get up to the city to do some banking and Min had to get down to Castile to teach.

Today is the first really full day of development work for Andy and I. From here on in, we are going to be really busy with that. We got a lot of really good work done today.

Andy and I did lunch at Denny’s to celebrate the real beginning of the project. It is weird having Andy around during the day since he has never had days off since we moved out to Geneseo. So this is a whole new house paradigm for us. Min is working days out of the house. Andy is working out of the house and I am working three overnights a week all over the place. It is almost exactly opposite of what all of us have been doing since moving out of Ithaca. So it feels really strange.

I got a lot of work done for dad this afternoon and did some bill paying too. It feels SO good to finally be able to actually put some money into some of our debt. That has been a real source of stress for quite some time.

Min came home but we only got a little while to hang out. I had a lot of work to get done this afternoon and had to get ready to leave. I am working in Corning tonight at 8:30. After I get done with my shift, I am driving up to Ithaca to crash at the Casa d’Bob. Then, tomorrow night I am working in Elmira so it seemed to be a better use of time to stay in Ithaca. So call the cell if you need me tomorrow.

I swung by Leicester to drop off some stuff for dad and Jeremy before heading south. Then it was off to Corning. It is just over an hour to get down to Corning.

The night started out rough with a power supply failure as soon as I arrived. That was a bad omen. It cost me fifty minutes right up front. So I knew that I was going to be in for a long night. Most of the night went relatively smoothly but when we went to do our final check so that I could leave the store, we ran into some major issues and had to escalate the issue. It was around 2:20am when we ran into the issue. But it took a long time before we could get anywhere. The upside of the event was that I had plenty of time to write all of today’s updates while I was sitting in a noisy back office computer room on the phone with like six support people all from different departments trying to deal with tonight’s issues. What a blast. It isn’t any fun having to wake everyone up in the middle of the night to deal with things out at the store. Everyone was really groggy.

For anyone who is interested, I have two extra copies of the really awesome movie Indian Summer. One of the copies is DVD and the other is Laserdisc. If anyone is interested, let me know. I just thought of that while I was sitting here for hours waiting for everyone on the phone so I thought that I would through it out there.

I managed to wrap up in Corning around 4:50am. Oh boy, only four hours later than I had been hoping. Ugh. That means that I won’t be arriving at Bob’s place until after 5:30. That is SO much later than I had been shooting for. I am going to be really dead tomorrow. And tomorrow night is Elmira and then I will be driving home. Maybe I will make them get me a hotel room on Wednesday so that I can get some sleep before I drive. But I need to be home on Wednesday to work with Andy. So we will see. This is a really busy week. Three nights out of town, working on the Waste Watcher, trying to sleep, teaching all day Friday, my regular lecture, and then I am taking Min out for a special surprise date on Sunday evening. She knows that we are doing something but she doesn’t know what we are doing yet. I can’t tell it on here since she might read the updates while I am out of town to keep up. She probably won’t, but she might.

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