June 16, 2005

Mary was supposed to come over after work around 3:00 today but ended up getting stuck at work until after 6:00. She has been working mad hours recently. They are really short people over there and they have been installing a new computer system over there so she has been extra busy dealing with all of the training involved with that and the conversion of the old system into the new one.

Mary made it over around 6:30 and said that she had talked to the general manager about Dominica and that she should go over right now to see about work. Min had interviewed with this manager before when she had taken the job at the Fairfield late last year. She had interviewed at the Country Inn and Suites at the same time with this manager but she had never called her back.

So she went into the hotel and came back half an hour later with a new job at the hotel. She is doing the swing shift that Mary has been doing but they are arranging the schedule so that Min can work two sixteen hour doubles two days in a row so that she gets her entire week over and done with in just two days. She will probably work Mondays and Tuesday. That will work out extra well because those are the same nights that I am always working until mid-October. So that is a huge relief to have her working again. She starts on Monday afternoon training with Mary – which is funny because Min has four times the hotel experience that Mary does at this point.

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