June 17, 2005

Okay, it has been a busy week and I have totally fallen behind again. I have been doing a fair amount of posting to my other blog sites so go and look at them if you think that I haven’t been writing anything recently.

I had to be up early this morning and off to Perry to work for a couple of hours. I took my new Samsung Yepp with me and listened to a few hous of David McCullough’s “1776” while I was working. I really liked his last book, “John Adams”, and this was the follow up to it. He reads them himself and he is very good. He used to be the host of “The American Experience” on PBS, which I used to watch sometimes.

I was supposed to be having lunch with Craig today up at his house in North Greece. I made it up to the exit off of US390 when he called me and said that his wife was in the hospital. So I turned around on Latta Rd. and drove down to the hospital to meet Eric for lunch. We went over to Aja Noodle in Brighton’s Twelve Corners. Boy that place is good. It was packed today. Almost no tables were available.

After lunch, I went back to Geneseo. Jocelyn was supposed to have come over today to study with Min for the A+ exam but she never ended up showing up. So Andy, Min and I ended up playing a couple of practice games of AoE2. It was really frustrating though, because the phone kept ringing the entire time and we could never get going on the game.

At 6:15, dad came over with Oreo and he and I went over to the Omega Grill and got some dinner. He was in the mood for a Friday Night Fish Fry. They were packed to capacity as well. Just must be a busy day for restaurants.

After dinner, I came home and we played AoE2 until around 12:30. Oreo is spending the night tonight. We are very excited.

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