June 3, 2005: Happy Birthday Tony

Today is Tony West’s 17th birthday. Happy Birthday Tony!

I got up at noon today. I feel better having caught up on a little sleep.

I did some light work around the house this afternoon. Andy and I did a little Waste Watcher work this afternoon. Tonight is Castile Christian Acadamy’s graduation ceremony being held down at the Castile Baptist Church. Min was supposed to go but she didn’t know about the ceremony until after she already had her tickets to go to Texas so I have to go alone.

I left for the school a little after 6:15. The ceremony wasn’t very long, maybe an hour or so. After the ceremony, there were snacks and refreshmets for everyone. So I stayed and talked with people until a little after 9:30. Mostly I talked with Pastor Dan about the Case’s new laptop that they got this week. I also got to talk to the Jinks. Their daughter Jocey was my first girlfriend back in first grade! I haven’t seen her since I was in late high school. Her parents are moving to Tennessee soon because their son, Jacob, moved down there some time ago and runs a business down there now. They visited him recently and really liked the Knoxville area and decided, on the spur of the moment, to move down there. So they just recently managed to sell their house and they are moving down there soon. Their two daughters, Joanna and Jocelyn, are planning to move down there soon as well. Their kids are second cousins to Blogging Eric. One way or another, everyone I know is related to everyone else except for me. Jocey, Eric and I all were in the same class together at Pavilion Baptist School back in the 80’s.

On the way home I hit McDonald’s for a quick dinner and got it to go and went to the house. Jeremy, Tony, Andy, Art, Michael and Danielle were all playing a practice game when I got there. I will defer any more details of the game nights to the Friday Night Game site so as not to bore my regular readers here.

Played until about 3:30 and then went to bed. I spoke to Min from the church and she was in Memphis then. She was in Nashville at the beginning of the game so I am expecting her home around 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.

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