June 4, 2005: Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dad’s 59th birthday. Happy Birthday.

I got up around 10:30 this morning and Andy, Tony and Jeremy were all already gone. Jeremy has a parade today so he has to get home for that.

Dad came over at 11:30 to get some lunch. I tried to clean as much of the house as I could before dad came over but I only got a little done. But at least it was a little. Dad and I went over to the Omega Grill for lunch.

After lunch, dad and I worked (okay, mostly dad) on putting the quilt up on the wall. But the quilt is so large that it became a rather major undertaking and we weren’t able to get it done with the equipment that we had at hand. We also had to work on getting some updates for dad’s desktop done on my network while we worked on the quilt. While we were trying to figure out what to do with the quilt Dominica arrived from Texas. I got to meet our new Boston Terrier, Oreo, for the first time. He is a sweety. He is very cute but he isn’t very snuggly right now because he isn’t used to us yet.

Min was exhausted when she got home and pretty much went straight to bed for a while. I played with Oreo for hours. He really needed a chance to run around after having sat in the car for two days.

While working on today’s update, Andy and I sat in my bedroom (Min is sleeping behind me and Oreo is chewing a bone in the living room) listening to the Podcast from Dawn and Drew. They are currently the number four most popular Podcast according to Podcast Alley. Dawn and Drew are hilarious home podcasters from Wisconsin. Although the show is a little inappropriate some of the time. I am experimenting with Podcasts trying to find some interesting shows. There has to be tons of cool shows out there. I will find them. I will report on them. And you will know.

Andy, Min and I went out to McDonald’s for a quick dinner then ran to Walmart to pick up some much needed puppy supplies for our new dog. He needs a kennel to sleep in because that is what he is used to and we need a few other things for him.

We got back home very late and Art and Danielle came over for a while to hang out. Mary (Art’s mom) is babysitting Michael for the weekend and they are bored. Art brought over his tools and installed the water line to the refridgerator that we have been needing for almost two years now. Two years! Can you believe that we have been living in this house for almost two whole years? We moved in in late July, 2003. It is already June, 2005. Time really does fly. Eric and Amanda must have just passed their two year point. Nate should be closing in on his. Min and I first picked out this house about 26 months ago! Anyway, Min should be very happy that we now have the water line that she has been wanting so badly all of this time.

Art and Danielle hung out for a while and took off to go home around 12:30. Min was falling asleep while they were here so we went straight to bed after they left. I was decently tired too. Oreo spent half of the evening trying to be the center of attention and the rest of it alternately sleeping on our bed or in his new kennel. He seems to be adjusting rapidly to his new home. It is going to be rough for him, though, because he is going to be moving over to dad’s tomorrow and then will be spending the next week in Frankfort and then coming back to dad’s place until August when Andy moves out and he can come back here.

Min and I are going out to Frankfort on Monday. I am working in Syracuse this week so we thought that that would be really practical. She had wanted to go out there anyway and this will give me a chance to spend time with Oreo and the girls. Otherwise I will barely get to see them until Christmas. I miss so much of their lives that I have to take all of the chances that I can get.

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