June 5, 2005

Oreo got me up twice during the night. I was a little tired after that and Min was still exhausted from her drive so we ended up sleeping in with the puppy until around 10:30. That was too late to be able to make it to church. But the puppy needed lots of reassurrance from us. He seemed to be happy once we convinced him that he was allowed onto the bed. That put him more at ease. He sure is a sweetie. Very quiet and subdued. Not at all like Min’s parent’s Boston Terrier, Dexter.

I got up this morning to the phone ringing. I jumped out of bed trying to get to the phone. My glasses were on the computer desk. On my way to get them, the laptop power cable got caught between my toes and it got pulled off of the book that it was sitting on. Now it is dead. Crapola.

The telephone call was nothing. Discover card called us to talk about an online automatic payment program that lowered our interest rate. On a Sunday morning? I was NOT happy at all. I plan on cancelling that card. I can’t believe that they would have the audacity to call us on a Sunday morning. It isn’t like we owe them money. If we did I would understand. But we don’t. In fact, I paid a whole month ahead! They said that they had called just to get some information checked. I didn’t believe them, I was pretty sure that they were a scam. But they knew our purchasing history. Which might be better or worse, I am not sure. I made Min give me the phone and I asked for a manager. Once the manager was on the phone, she made up a lie that they had actually called to lower our rate even though the guy that we talked to had gone through the entire schpiel without ever mentioning it. He said that he had called to get information. There is no way that we could possibly be expected to believe that they had actually called for something legitimate and that they didn’t just lower our rate because I was furious. I was extrememly tempted to log on to our account and pay it off right on the spot and cancel the card. I can’t get over that they called us at home on a Sunday morning just to collect some personal information.

So now I have no laptop, that isn’t good. I really need that and I really need it this week more than normal. I am working in Syracuse this week and am going to be staying at Min’s parent’s house during the week to cut down on drive expenses and to spend time with the girls and Oreo. But I really need to be able to get to my email and IM and all of that. Plus I use my laptop at Wegmans so that is a problem too.

Early this afternoon Min and I took Oreo along with us down to my grandmother’s house for my dad’s 59th birthday party. We had a good time and everyone enjoyed getting to meet Oreo. He is such a sweetie. Everyone loved him. Taffy, my aunt and uncle’s dachsund, kept coming in to meet Oreo but she is nine years old and very low key. He was very excited to have a new friend to play with and she was very scared so she kept running to the nearest person and jumping onto their laps for protection. But she really wanted to meet Oreo and couldn’t resist trying to meet him over and over again. We got Chinese take away from the Shanghai in Geneseo and had brownies for dessert.

After dinner, Min and I took Oreo over to dad’s house where he is staying tonight so that he can get used to it with us there. We took a few movies along to watch while we were there. We ended up watching Good Morning Vietnam and Disney’s Get A Clue with Lindsay Lohan. You can check out the reviews of these movies at my new movie review blog Scott’s Reviews. I thought that that would be a nice way to keep this blog from being loaded full of movie reviews but make it easy for people who are reading this blog to be able to access my reviews while reading the dailies. See what a good job I do of leveraging blogs and tying them all together?

Dad had a multi-adapter for laptops and we tried that before we were going to try taking the laptop apart to fix it. Unbelievable as it seems, the power supply was actually the problem. The cable going from the adapter to the laptop actually snapped. Pheww.

We had decided that we were going to spend the night at dad’s and that we were going to drive out to Frankfort separately tomorrow so that she could go out early with the dog and I could go straight to work in Syracuse and then go out to Frankfort. But then we figured out that it would be silly to not sleep at home so we called Andy and he said that that was fine. So we went back home after watching the movies and got some sleep. It was pretty late by the time that we went home. We were pretty tired.

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