June 7, 2005

I hooked up my laptop with my new power supply this morning and sat on the futon making sure that SGL was up to date. I moved the April and May dailies out into the Archives so that the page would load faster. I was way behind on doing that this time around. I have been way too busy. I was a little concerned about how little I had been writing but I guess that I had nothing to worry about since April and May together already represent the second busiest quarter that we have ever had here. So much content, so little time.

I got out of bed and Min made breakfast for me.

We didn’t do too much this morning. Min watched tons of Alias while I worked on my laptop. I had some work that had to be coordinated today. We have one guy busy working on a large project in Rochester. It was supposed to be a very small project but it blossomed into a really good opportunity. Makes me sorry that I hadn’t handled the work myself. But oh well, I suppose I am not the only person who needs money. And I have a guy who is interviewing for a position in Buffalo. We are excited about that possibility but we will see where it goes.

Dad’s Road Runner is finally coming in this week. It is supposed to be installed on Thursday. So I have to go over there to deal with that to make sure that they don’t try to pull anything funny. I know how they can be. And I have to install his new wireless firewall unit so that he will be all set to go once Time Warner is there. That will be awfully nice to have high speed access whenever I am over there. It will make it a lot easier for me to visit from now on. It has always been an issue before that whenever I am at his house I am off of the network. Not just Internet access but the company network as well. Now being at dad’s house will be almost exactly the same as working from home. That will be really important starting, coincidentally, Thursday when Oreo goes to live with him for seven weeks. Min and I are planning on being over at the house quite a bit during that time to make sure that Oreo knows that we are his parents but I will need to stay connected when I am there and having the RR and the firewall unit let me do that. So that is quite a relief.

I am working at Dewitt tonight. So not much happening today. I have to leave around 7:30 to get out there on time.

Work went smoothly tonight. Had a good time hanging out with the night manager and managed to leave by 1:30. I got back to Frankfort and Min was still up watching Alias on the futon cuddled up with the two Boston Terriers. It is tough sleeping with two people and two dogs on a futon but we make it work.

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