June 8, 2005

I spent the day today in Frankfort with Min and her sister and the girls and the dogs. I didn’t have a lot of time to do much of anything. I slept in pretty late because I was totally exhausted after working the overnights the last two nights and hardly getting any sleep yesterday. This afternoon I mostly just watched some television and played on the computer for a little bit.

Bob’s new Dell computer arrived today. He was pretty pissed when he got it and opened it up and discovered that he can’t put any kind of half decent modern video card in it because it doesn’t come with any kind of video expansion slot. He couldn’t believe that a new computer wouldn’t have at least an AGP slot if not something newer. He had bought the machine so that he could play some of his newer video games that won’t run on his current machine but the brand new Dell was actually a step backward from the PIII-1GHz machine that he is using now. What a ripoff. He called Dell and the tech there tried to convince him that AGP was old and that PCI had replaced it. Um, yeah. I guess they don’t think very highly of Dell customers at Dell. So Bob is sending it back. The machine wasn’t nearly as fast or as useful as all of the 1-2 year old computers that we all have had. You should be able to expect more from a mainline new computer. But Dell isn’t known for making the best desktop computers. I am not really sure what most people think of them. I have never met someone who was happy with one after actually owning it. Just lots of people enchanted by the advertising. Let’s face it, I work there and I don’t own one. Andy has worked there, he doesn’t own one either. Same for Craig. Same for John. In fact, I have never met a Dell tech who doesn’t use HP at home. I would use a Dell if they provided them for us. They aren’t had. They just aren’t HP. My money goes to HP. At least for now. I have been very happy with them over the last six years. And their customer service speaks English AND you have ways to guarantee that your customer service people are local and here in America.

Tonight is my last night of work at Wegmans this week. Next week I will be in Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Oh how exciting. That was sarcasm folks. I had dinner with Min’s family and then it was off to Onondaga. Work went well tonight and everything went very quickly so I was done nice and early and managed to get out of there and head for home in good time. During my travelling today I managed to finish the book “The Cat That Went Bananas”. It wasn’t the best murder mystery that I have read. The characters are interesting and I like the social interactions just because I have read a few of those books in that series but I don’t feel like the author is very intelligent and I am not sure that I will be reading anymore of those books. Having a murder mystery with no killer at the end is just cheesy. It was just a fluffy novel. And the whole thing takes place in a weird, fanciful town where people are very strange and the city that they are supposed to be in exists in a real world location completely devoid of any population at all so it is really weird in the book. I really feel that the author is senile and doesn’t understand that the books have devolved into a sort of bizarre modern day fantasy freak show. The people act so abnormally that it is almost creepy. You don’t notice it at first but after reading two or three books you really start noticing that the people in this novel are really WEIRD. No one talks on the phone either. They call each other to arrange meetings the following day to meet in person. Everyone does it, not just one or two strange people. And then whenever anyone gets together they have two or three sentance conversations over tea or squank water (whatever that is, the author never says) and then leave again. No one seems to really work. Everyone is retired or wealthy or something and just calls, makes appointments and drives around to chat for two seconds. Really weird.

After work I stopped by the hotel here in Geneseo to see Mary at work. We hung out for several hours. She gets really bored there. We talked about computers and the potential for nuclear war with North Korea, women’s issues in the middle east, etc. etc. I finally got home around 5:00 or so.

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