July 11, 2005

Dad picked me up to go get breakfast at 8:30 this morning and we went over to the Omega Grill. After breakfast I had just enough time to do some last minute cleaning before having to drive out to the Buffalo Airport to pick up Min. Her flight is supposed to arrive at 11:10 but she is flying out of Houston and through Atlanta durng the hurricane so I am doubting that she will be arriving on time.

Right after breakfast I had to drive out to Buffalo. I got there on time and had to wait for a while because Min’s flight was delayed, as expected, but they weren’t announcing that the flight was delayed. In fact, they kept the boards up saying that the flight was on time half an hour after they were supposed to have landed. And then, instead of giving us an updated status on the flight, they simply removed it so that I was in a panic thinking that the flight had been cancelled in Atlanta and that I hadn’t heard anything yet. Luckily, Min called just as I was on my way to find someone who could tell me something about the flight. They had only been delayed about forty minutes and they had just landed. So it didn’t end up being too bad.

Tonight is a busy night as both Min and I are working. Min is working the overnight audit at the hotel every night this week and I am working a full three overnights with Wegmans.

Dominica went to bed as soon as she got home. She slept a few minutes in the car on the way back here. We did stop in Batavia and we had some Taco Bell for lunch.

Tonight I worked in Brockport. I ended up leaving home way too early to go straight to work so I went to Burger King and got some dinner. I had tried to BK for dinner two nights ago at the one in Buffalo where I was working and ended up throwing out half of the meal because the onion rings were discusting.

Work went well tonight and I ended up stopping by the hotel on the way home and hanging out with Min for about twenty minutes. I came back home and ended up working until around 5:00 am. I have tons of work that can only be done late at night so it works out often for me to stay up really late working. I get tons done that way.

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