July 10, 2005

Today is my one day to myself. Min arrived in Houston early this afternoon. She was extremely exhausted after having driven all through the night. I called her in the car just as they were beginning to drive across the city. So she will be pretty much sleeping straight through until she leaves to return to New York early tomorrow morning.

I took the morning to sleep in significantly as I was extremely exhausted from the entire week. Work went well last night and I managed to get home at a reasonable time. So I was able to go to bed not that long after midnight which made for a nice change of pace.

I needed a change of pace today so I spent most of the day cleaning the house – the upstairs at least. The house looks completely different now than it did just a week ago between the furniture being rearranged, the quilt finally being hung on the wall and the computer being moved into the living room. Now I managed to clean a large portion of the house including the living room, dining room, kitched and our bedroom so it really seems like a new place. I even managed to do a tiny bit of cleaning in the garage and even less in the basement. Min will be very surprised when she gets home.

Miranda arrived this evening. She is down for just one day to visit. She and Andy spent most of the night out and about hanging out.

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