July 22, 2005

I had to pull myself out of bed this morning and get to work in Perry because I had a morning meeting. Turned out that I only had to go to the meeting because Verizon’s help desk was incompetent and told one of clients a fib instead of admitting that they had no service in the area. So I went in to treat the problem like it was a software error. Yup, just no service. I held the laptop up to a window and voila, problem solved. Scott saves the day again.

I thought that I was having a get together with Craig and Vonary (I am sure that that is not spelled correctly) but they were busy buying a new car today so they weren’t able to get together with us for lunch.

Dad came over this afternoon to get dinner at the Omega Grill like we usually do on Friday evenings. We did a really early dinner or more appropriately, a really late lunch. He brought Oreo over for the weekend when he came over. We love it when Oreo is here – he is so much fun to have around. And so snuggly.

Andy and I went and took eight (yes, EIGHT) large kitchen garbage bags of clothes to donate over to the St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church clothing donation thing in Geneseo this afternoon. That really helped to clean up the living room. Suddenly there is plenty of space in the house again. That was such a huge percentage of the living space of the house just taken up by that. On the way back we swung by Walmart because I wanted to pick up a cheap set of tumblers because we don’t own any and I am always wanting to use one. So I splurged and spent $6 on some. Min ended up really liking them so it worked out pretty well. While we were at Walmart, Andy and I ran into the Ralstons who were shopping there and were buying the Trivial Pursuit 90’s Edition to try playing later this evening.

The Ralstons came over this evening to hang out. Danielle made a tilapia dinner and brought it over. We all had dinner together and then gathered around the dinner table and played Trivial Pursuit. Min won, of course, as she always does. The 90’s edition was really bad with the answers being ridiculously repetitive, the subject matter being boring and an unbelievable number of the questions actually being wrong (with the worst case event of two consecutive cards that contradicted each other!) It really appeared that this edition of TP was made completely by the interns and the editors weren’t even allowed to get involved.

The Ralstons hung out until around 1:30 am before heading home. Min and I had to make our bed before getting into it since she had been doing laundry today. But we were quickly off to sleep.

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