July 23, 2005

Saturday, the universe’s accepted day off. Min, Oreo and I slept in nice and late today. I needed a break. It has been a decently busy week. Today I had to get Min’s old Shuttle XPC computer ready for Bob who is picking it up today.

Andy decided that he hadn’t given MUD style gaming a fair chance eigth years ago when I had last introduced it to him so he downloaded CircleMUD today (the same game that I played extensively in college in 1994-1995 and had set up in the house in Greece running on a 486 Caldera OpenLinux box in 1997 or 1998) and got it up and running in the house. He, Art and I had had a long discussion about the MUDs last night when Art, Danielle and Michael were over and he peaked his interest.

Andy spent most of the day at his parent’s house visiting with Dana and her new baby. Min and I went up to Henrietta around 4:30 and met Bob and Lisa at the Olive Garden. We were supposed to meet them earlier but I was having problems getting Bob’s new computer ready for him and I needed all of the time that we could come up with to keep working on it. I did finally get it ready and got it to him.

We only got to see Bob and Lisa for about twenty minutes because they were in a hurry to get up to Frontier Field as they were going to see Nate’s dad throw out the first pitch at the Red Wings game on Rotary Night. Min didn’t want to sit through a baseball game so we didn’t go. After dinner, we went over to PetSmart and got some puppy supplies including a dog tag for Oreo. On the way home we swung into Woody’s II in Avon and got some ice cream.

We came home and decided to relax for the afternoon. It was decently late by that point anyway, almost 8:00. The day seemed to have flown by. I got Min’s new desktop set up and working in our bedroom today so that it doesn’t have to be brought out into the living room to be able to be used anymore. We are using Andy’s USB wireless adapter so that we can be on the wireless from the bedroom. That makes things much easier. And we are using the power line system in the living room to get the Mac Mini online. Speaking of Min’s new desktop, her new GeForce 6600 PCIE graphics card is due on Tuesday or Wednesday, she is pretty excited.

We spent most of the evening watching The Family Guy which Andy owns. That show is hilarious. We haven’t seen it in at least a year so we are watching it again. While watching the show I did some work on backup systems for one of our clients while casually playing the MUD with Andy. Every so many years I really feel the need to play it again. I wish that I had the resources to have a nice MUD server up and running all of the time. I think that that would be cool. But it is probably too much effort to be worth it. Maybe someday. If anyone is interested in that project, let me know. I would love to have a MUD game that runs all of the time and is publicly available and has a decent community using it. But the MUDs that are popular now, if there are any that qualify for that status, are quite different from what we used to play. It just isn’t the same.

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