July 31, 2005

Min was up bright and early this morning, before 7:00 am! She even took Oreo out who had decided to get up with her. He, however, was happy to come back to bed after having gone outside. Min had to leave by 8:00 to get out to Utica for her cousin-to-be Katie’s bridal shower. Katie and Dominica’s cousin Sam are getting married in October. This will be the third October wedding in two years (technically, two years and a week) for Min and her immidiate first cousins. We apparently set a precedent for weddings right at the beginning of October.

Dad came over after church and picked me up to go to get some lunch. I had slept in long after Min went to bed last night so I stayed in bed snuggling with the dog.

This week I am working in the Scranton Wilkes-Barre area of eastern Pennsylvania. My plan is to stay in Scranton both nights. I work in Wilkes-Barre tomorrow night and Scranton on Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday night I work in Cicero. So I will not be spending the night in Syracuse but coming straight back to Geneseo right after work. So I will be in town on Thursday and Friday. Min is working her usual Monday and Tuesday double shifts this week and maybe a shift on Thursday but we don’t know about that shift yet. We haven’t heard how Mary is doing. Hopefully she is reading the site and will drop us an email to let us know.

I finally got the new MUD up and running. We never managed to get the old one back to the state that it had been in. Loopy and I have some ideas yet but haven’t had a chance to work on it. Maybe I will be able to work on that while I am out of town this week. I always say that and never end up having any time to do antyhing.

Andy and I went over to the Omega for dinner. Actually, Andy got dinner and I just got coffee and a piece of pie since I had eaten there not that long before hand. After dinner, I drove down to Liecester and picked up Jeremy so that he could come over and try playing the MUD. He has been dying to try out the game since I described it to him last week.

It was about 8:00 when Jeremy came over just minutes before Min pulled into the garage after having been in Utica all day.

Andy, Art, Jeremy and I played the MUD for a while but Art didn’t stay in for too long. He liked the old MUD better and we haven’t gotten that one running yet. Maybe this week. Jeremy thought that it was the greatest game ever. He is really into it. Loopy played until around midnight or a little after but he had to get to bed so that he could get to work in the morning. Min and I are both working the overnights starting tomorrow so we are already prepped for staying up very late so that is my plan. Jeremy will, of course, stay up all night playing the MUD since it is always there to be played. That is one of the great things about games like the MUD, you can play it at anytime and always have it be a part of the game that you had been playing. You don’t have to wait for other people to be around but you can do that as well.

If anyone is interested in playing SunTzu with us, I will give you the connection details. Simply telnet into port 5000. If you don’t know how to telnet, try opening the Windows command line and typing “telnet 5000” without the quotation marks and you should be all set. If you like the MUD, you will like it even better when using something better than the Windows command line. Simply do a Google search for “putty” and download the first thing that comes up. Putty is a remote access tool that is free and works very well for playing on a MUD.

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