July 30, 2005

I worked very late last night but I finally got the new MUD server up and running. I wanted to have some flexibility so I loaded both the traditional CircleMUD 3.1 code like we had been playing for the last week as well as the new Sun Tzu code from CWG. So we will have two different games that we can choose from when we want to play.

I didn’t get up until just after noon. Oreo wanted to sleep in and snuggle – so who was I to argue. He is a very snuggly dog.

For lunch, I went over to McDonald’s. Andy was there early today and saw my cousin Sara working. This is her first week at her first job. So I went down to see her working as well. Min and the puppy went with me.

After lunch, I drove Min up to Michael’s in the city so that she could do some yarn shopping. I drove around with Oreo and did some banking.

We got back home and Andy and I did some work on Waste Watcher 2. Then we went up to Avon and got some dinner at Pizzaland. Then I got some ice cream at Woody’s II. Mackinac Ice Cream rocks.

Min played some “The Bard’s Tale” while we were out. She is enjoying having a new amazingly fast graphics card.

Min knit while snuggling with Oreo while I played the new Sun Tzu MUD with Andy and worked on the dailies.

Tomorrow, I am being left home alone. Okay, home with Andy and Oreo. Min is going out to Frankfort for a bridal shower. She is leaving first thing in the morning so I will be without her all day.

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