July 4, 2005: Happy US Independance Day

Did you know that Canadians don’t celebrate the Fourth of July? I guess that they aren’t very patriotic there.

Min was nice enough to make me get up and take out the dog this morning when I was still only part way through my night’s sleep but she was getting up anyway. So I spent the day being pretty tired. Nothing that I couldn’t handle, but not as well rested as I would have like to have been.

Today is Craig and Vonari’s (I hope that I spelled that correctly) wedding reception (one of the many.) So I headed up to Greece around 2:00 to go party with them. Min had to go to work at the hotel so she was not able to go with me. This is going to be a very busy week for us. I am out of town all week plus working over the weekend and she is working her normal hours and then travelling to Houston later in the week. So we will barely see each other.

The party was nice and I had a good time. I knew almost no one at the party so it really sucked that Min wasn’t able to go with me. But I am good at meeting and talking to new people so it was fine. In actuality, it is probably better that she didn’t go because she really doesn’t enjoy meeting new people and settings of large numbers of new people is especially unpleasent for her. I ended up meeting lots of nice, new people while I was there.

I came home early from the party so that I could get some sleep in before travelling tomorrow. I need to make up for last night being cut short before driving for such a long way. I talked to Bob tonight and we decided that it would be best if he didn’t go with me because I am going to be down there for such a short amount of time and only if everything goes absolutely perfectly will we have any time to do anything while I am down in Jersey. So he is just going to stay home.

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