July 3, 2005

I hate when I start getting so far behind on SGL. Things always snowball. First I get busy, then I go out of town, then I don’t feel like posting because I know how far behind I am and it feels daunting – so I avoid it. Well, here I am trying to catch up again.

Min and I had to get up earlier than usual this morning so that we could go over to dad’s and take Oreo out so that he wouldn’t be left alone for too long while we were at church. He is pretty good being on his own but he isn’t able to handle long periods of time without being able to go outside. So we try to minimize it as much as possible. So we went over there around 10:00 this morning and played with him for about half an hour. As always, he was very glad to see us.

Church at 11:00 as usual at LaGrange. We were surpised to see Garrett and Beth there today (Garrett is the associate pastor of Eric and Amanda’s church in Avon.) We didn’t realize that Beth’s grandmother was Ruth Stockin who goes to LaGrange and was my Sunday School teacher ages ago when I was little.

After church we managed to get over to Perry to have lunch at the Silver Lake Family Restaurant. We haven’t been there in a long time. We were all missing our regular Sunday lunch. After lunch, Min really wanted to spend time with Oreo so we went back over to dad’s and played with the dog some more. No one had a lot of energy so we just popped in a DVD and watched that while snuggling with Oreo. He was pretty tired so it worked out reasonably well. We watched Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams which I have never seen. It was one of dad’s movies. It was good. I have heard a lot of people complain about it but I thought that it was very well done.

Min didn’t want to stop spending time with Oreo so we took him with us to dinner at Tom Wahl’s in Avon and ate outside with him. He was very happy to have the chance to go with us. After Wahl’s, we got ice cream at Woody’s II on Genesee St. They have the best ice cream there. Then Min drove me home to drop me off so that I could be productive while she went back to dad’s to stay with Oreo until dad got home from visiting with grandma.

Andy was out when we got in so Min stayed for a while. Art and Danielle stopped by because they were in town and ended up staying until around midnight hanging out. The new living room setup is much more conducive to people hanging out there and it really shows. And it is really handy having a computer in the living room because it now allows us to look things up without leaving the room. We find that we are always looking things up and that I always have to go somewhere to look things up for people and that doesn’t work very well when you are trying to be social. So Min never got a chance to take Oreo home so he is staying the night with us. Yay!

Mary stopped by after work just to say that Jocelyn was sick so they weren’t going to be hanging out tonight like they had planned.

Min has to work tomorrow afternoon. I have the day off for the holiday. I will be going up to Craig’s in the afternoon/evening for the wedding reception. Tuesday morning I leave for New Jersey. I will be there until Thursday. John Nicklin is supposed to be in town this week – we will see if I even manage to see him at all.

Min has often told me about her family’s old computer that they used to use. Andy and I are not familiar with the machine and Min always claimed that it was a rare IBM PC clone. So I finally looked it up and am providing a link here to it so that if we ever need to find out more about it, it will be accessible right here. It was the 1988 Commodore Colt which sported a hot Intel 8088 8/16 bit processor, 640K of memory, a 5 1/4″ floppy drive and, this is the big bonus, a 20 MB hard drive. Not a very impressive machine for 1988. This machine was severly underpowered for its era.

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