July 6, 2005

Day two in New Jersey. Today was a very uneventful day. I, unfortunately, had to get up at 10:00 am this morning to deal with problems in Binghamton. Since I got out of work at 6:00am, I got less than four hours of sleep. I tried to go back to bed but the phone just kept ringing so I eventually gave up.

I decided not to leave the hotel today since my day was so short. For my lunch/dinner, I ordered the amazing coconut shrimp from Charlie Brown’s again. Boy that is good. I watched some “Full House” reruns (like there are new ones, ha ha) since I had a television in the room. I see television so seldom that it seems strange to watch it.

I discovered to my pleasent surprise that Wegmans in Princeton was just three driveways down US1 away from the hotel. So I decided to hoof it over there and get some excercise in the process of going to work.

No sooner did I start working than disaster struck. One of my first steps in my migration process turned into a total failure of the server that I was supposed to be migrating. Being so far from home without any tools to do anything with, I was in a pretty tough spot. We ended up escalating the procedure and bringing in someone from the region to work with me and getting have of the department up in Rochester. We ended up working until 7:30 am. I was delirious with lack of sleep by the time I got to take the walk home.

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