July 7, 2005

Day Three in New Jersey. It was a bit after 8:00 this morning when I finally pulled myself into the hotel. I was only able to persuade the hotel to extend my check-out until 1:00. That meant a maximum of four hours of sleep at best.

I was barely rested by the time I had to arise at 12:30. I had to get showered, dressed and get out the door in half an hour. Fun start to the day.

Leaving New Jersey today, I had the forsight to travel directly west out of Trenton into Pennsylvania and around Philadelphia on US276 and then headed north up the Northeast Extension on US476 to Scranton. I cut at least an hour off of the trip.

I stopped at the McDonald’s on the highway a little north of Allentown. Funny enough, being so far from home, I was standing in line at the McDonald’s and thought that I recognized a girl standing in line next to me. I was at a loss to place her, though, so I got my food and sat down. Coincidentally, her family decided to sit at the table directly next to me. This gave me time to finally figure out why she looked familiar. It was my cousin Sara’s friend also named Sara but that goes by “Toast”.

I got home around 8:00 or a little later. Boy was I exhausted. Min really wanted to watch a movie. We tried putting in Vanity Fair in the living room but the movie was too dark. So we switched to The Bad News Bears. I had never seen the movie previously. It really isn’t very good. Although I have high hopes for the upcoming remake that is due in a few weeks.

It wasn’t until midnight or later when I finally managed to get to bed. I pretty much just passed out once in bed.

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