August 10, 2005

My last full day in Pennsylvania. I get to go home midday tomorrow. One of the best things about staying down here is that Channel 69 from Allentown playes Mork and Mindy everyday at 3:00. I don’t think that I have seen that show since it was originally on well over twenty years ago! To make it extra hilarious, Paul Reubens guest starred doing a Pee Wee Herman act but as a guy named Stevie.

I was pretty soar today from having walked so much yesterday. I slept in nice and late today. I am staying on the same road as the Wegmans here in Easton so it will only take me a second to get there and I don’t have to worry about finding it since I have already seen it.

Just before leaving to go to work this evening, Mary called and left a message that she was at Warsaw Hospital and had just had a spinal tap.

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