August 18, 2005

Thursday is my day off, more or less. Actually I ended up working quite a bit today. I did sleep in late but wound up working late into the evening.

Oreo had eaten an entire Boodha bone yesterday and ended up being sick during the night. He was very scared that we were going to be mad. He is such a sweet dog. He really has become a member of the family. But it did mean that I had to get up at 6:00 am to clean up the mess.

After work today, Eric and Amanda came over for dinner. By “came over for dinner” I, of course, ment that we all went to the Omega Grill for dinner. That is my third time this week. This is what happens when I am in town all week.

After dinner, Eric and Amanda came over for a little while to hang out. We had a good time playing with Oreo (who had another “accident” – he is having a rough day) and watching Julia as she starts to walk. She is getting so big. Boy does it make you feel old watching your friends kids grow up. It might make me feel older to watch my own kids grow up, but I have no idea.

Here is a tip for all of you English measurement fanatics: One Hogshead equals 54 gallons. Now THAT will come in handy someday.

Min and I stayed up late watching Andy’s The Simpsons the sixth season. We are really excited that the weather isn’t so warm today and we are able to have the windows open for the first time in over a month.

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