August 2, 2005

I didn’t bring my CPAP with me on this trip so we will see how I manage to sleep without it. I forgot it when I left the house but had remembered it just outside of Geneseo but the way that i390 works around Geneseo it is a huge effort if you ever have to go back for something. So I thought about it and decided that I would give it a try without. It is only two nights and there is no one here with me to hear my snoring so I figure that I might be okay. Last night proved that that wasn’t the case, however, as I never slept more that two hours at a shot without being awake enough to get up and look at my cell phone to see what time it was. I got up at noon after only five hours of “sleep” without getting what felt like any rest at all. And, of course, once I sleep like that I start getting heart burn as well. I am not dreadfully tired today but we will see how I feel after working tonight.

I had a conference call scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon so I played on the MUD to pass the time. I am so glad that I am able to play that from here. That is really nice. I did notice one of Jeremy’s friends playing when I first logged on today too.

Around 2:00, a couple more of Jeremy’s friends got online. It is cool that people are getting into the game. It will be tons more fun if we get a few people playing all of the time.

At 3:00 I ordered myself some Domino’s Pizza. I haven’t had that in a long time. Domino’s has long been my travelling hotel room food of choice. Ever since Nicklin introduced me to their thin crust pizza like five years ago, I have been living on the stuff when I am away from home even though it tends to give me terrible heart burn.

I played the MUD a bit today. What can I say, I am addicted again after all of these years. I have so many found memories of playing on the MUDs that it makes me happy to play again after so long. It has been about eleven years since I first played a CircleMUD based game. Back in the summer of 1994 when I was attending school at Kettering University then called GMI Engineering and Management Institute. Then I set up out own game at Josh and my house in Greece, NY in 1998. And now, seven years after that, we are playing again. I can’t believe that this last break has been so long!

I went into work at 8:00. It ended up being a long night and I got back to the hotel right at 4:00am. Boy am I tired. A long night tonight and almost no sleep last night. And I have to be out of the hotel by noon. Ugh. I will be going to bed right after I call Min. She has three hours left to go before she is done for the week. Unless she works extra on Thursday. I don’t know her whole schedule yet. The one really nice thing tonight at work was that I discovered that I am able to play the MUD from work all night. There is a ton of time that I have that I have nothing to do and just sit in the back room waiting for the computers. The MUD is a perfect way to pass the time as long as it doesn’t end up tempting me to play instead of going out for a walk to get some excercise. But it didn’t tonight. I went out for my walk. Not as long as last night’s walk of almost an hour, but I get twenty minutes or more in tonight. I didn’t want to risk holding anything up considering how late we were already. But I did get a chance to MUD significantly while I was there and I am way ahead of Andy now.

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