August 3, 2005

Today ended up being a disaster. I left the hotel at noon in Scranton and headed up to Ithaca before going up to work in Syracuse. I took care of a few things around town. Then I went over to Steve and Pat’s and hung out for a while before heading up to work.

The real disaster happened when I got up to the store in Cicero. There was a mistake and I was supposed to be in Woodbridge, NJ tonight. I didn’t even know that they had a store in that town. I was so confused. I was sure that the mistake had to be mine but I couldn’t figure out how it could have happened. I had even called the day before to verify that I had all of the right information. I couldn’t believe that I had gotten it wrong. It was five hours travel time from Cicero to Woodbridge so we decided that it couldn’t be done and would have to be rescheduled. It wasn’t until after I had had my phone conference with everyone that I finally took the time to go through my paperwork and discovered that I had not been told about the store at all. I had no way to know to go to that store. It completely wasn’t my fault. Boy was that a relief. I had really felt like an idiot trying to figure out how I hadn’t known to go to Woodbridge.

The good thing was that I got to go home early and got to spend some time with Min before I had to go to bed.

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