August 23, 2005

Today is a hotel day. (Or as thr British would say, an hotel day.) Luckily I am in a nice, comfortable hotel. There is a restaurant in the hotel. I plan to treat myself tomorrow to some room service. If I stay here again, I want to stay in one of the even rooms 344-352 or 244-252 because they have interal balconies looking into the swimming and restaurant areas. It would be really nice to sit in the air conditioned “out doors” and work on my laptop instead of just being alone in my dark room writing in my diary. I am in the Clarion Bel Air hotel on 8th Street in Erie. I don’t know why I would ever have to come back to Erie but just in case I ever do, I will be prepared. I am planning on doing some sales trips this fall. Maybe I will be able to bring Dominica along with me and we could crash here. I got a room at the last minute this time and ended up with a smoking handicapped room. It is fine but not what I normally look for in a hotel room.

I tried to order some Dominos Pizza for lunch but discovered that the Dominos just up the road had gone out of business. So the front desk directed me to a local place that they recommended.

The pizza was good. Nothing special. I never did think of Erie as a big place for getting awesome pizza. It was cheap, however. But, of course, they forgot my blue cheese and they only had Coke, no Pepsi.

Luckily for me, the Wegmans that I am going to tonight is right down the road on Rt. 20, only a few minutes away. That makes things SO much easier. It is funny that there is a Wegmans here on Rt. 20 and there isn’t one anywhere on Rt. 20 in New York.

Today I am starting to listen to “The Basque History of the World” which is a pretty long book (read: good value) from Audible that I got a month or two ago and haven’t had a chance to start listening to yet. Luckily, most of the books that I have gotten manage to last me more than a week and often two or more which means that we are getting our books from Audible at a sustainable rate. Although it also means that I am not walking nearly enough as I should go through a book a week just while I am out exercising.

Besides going into Wegmans, my main project today is working on a commercial website project. There is always something that needs my attention and this week is particularly busy. I have two commercial web sites that need my attention, several internal sites that desperately need my attention that I have not gotten to yet and a big contract project for the UofR that I need to squeeze in. And somewhere in there I should drive home. Hmmm…

After work, I went for a short walk up to the peninsula that is not far away. Unfortunately, after making it all of the way to the peninsula, I discovered that it is a park that closes at dark and won’t be open again until morning. How annoying is that? So I turned around and came back to the hotel.

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