August 24, 2005

Second day in the hotel. My first day is always a loss, more or less. But normally by the second day I am settled in a bit and am able to actually get work done. Today has been very productive. I also got a chance today to finally order my own birthday present (only half a year later.) I am getting an HP hx2400 handheld Pocket PC. I have wanted one for a really long time and finally feel confident that I have found one that is right for me. It isn’t a top of the line model but it seems to be the actually practical model that makes the most sense for me. The most important thing is that it has built in 802.11b wireless and bluetooth. That will make, I anticipate, the Pocket PC a really useful tool for me so that I am able to communicate with people without having to constantly be sitting at a desktop or laptop. So often, I find myself having to stay tied to computers just to keep in contact with people instead of being able to enjoy the living room, deck or yard (or coffee shop) because it is too much of a pain to bring my laptop to those locations.

Leanne corrected me today (proving that she keeps up with the site) and said that the Wegmans in Canadaigua sits on Rt. 20.

I decided to eat in the hotel today. The pizza I got yesterday was nothing to write home about so I decided to splurge on a healthy hotel dinner.

Dinner was excellent, I am very glad that I decided to try out the hotel fare. After dinner, I decided to take a walk out to Presque Isle and check out the views of the lake. I ended up not having nearly as much time as I had hoped so I only barely managed to make it to the isle but I still had a very enjoyable walk. I did find some incredible views and a condominium complex that I really want to get a condo in called the Presque Isle Shores.

After my walk I had to skedaddle off to work. This is my final night in Erie and tomorrow I am heading for home. It is just under three hours to home so I am hoping to be back around 2:00 in the afternoon.

I am posting this as I hit the road at just past 11:00 on Thursday morning.

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